Monday, May 21, 2012

Thrift Store Recap: March-April-May

I’ve been a busy thrift store bee these past few months, though I’ve reeled in all this nice loot:

Nike Blazer Vintage court shoes. Sole has hardly any wear. The upper has a worn look. I cleaned them up, and they look great. Kinda like Detroit Lions blue / grey. I really need to give Joel either these or the Pumas, which are similar.
Brown Merrell loafers. I’d been looking up update my brown loafer collection, and these fit the bill. I had seen a great pair of Ecco loafers in Sandy Springs, but they only had the one for the left foot.
Two pair of classic Hush Puppies (grey & tan). They look great. Matthew’s feet have been growing like weeds, and he wanted some fancy shoes. He refused to try them on at the store, and now he says they’re too big. They’re more of a cold weather shoe. Matthew says he’s gonna start wearing some of Will’s shoes…they’re about the same size.
Braves shirt. Get this: Baby blue, with royal and grey trim. Script “Atlanta” on the front. “O.NIXON” on the back. Number one, both front and back. Button up front. Feathers on the sleeves. Too bad it’s XXXL. Surely someone will buy it.
Two striped Masters shirts, both XXL. Too big for me, or my dad. I’ll sell them to Darryl at a low price. One is in perfect condition, and I only paid $1.75.
National League All Star jersey (green) from the game at Coors Field.
Red lightweight running pullover. Will has been living in these things, so I snapped it up. Now that he is UGA bound, I figure he can use more red in his wardrobe.
Red Patagonia pullover. A week after I’d bought Will the running pullover, I stumbled across a heavier Patagonia pullover, in perfect condition. He loves it.
Navy Nike DryFit shorts for me. These are good because they weren’t too baggy, too short, or too tight. Will had gotten paint on my perfect pair.
Navy Nike running shorts for Will. He has a black/yellow pair, but these are nicer.
Kaiki shorts. I’d wanted a lightweight, synthetic pair, and these were perfect. And cheap.
Black Reebok compression shorts. I needed them, and they looked good. And cheap.
Blue Hawaiian shirt. Matthew needed a shirt for a pool party, so he picked out a blue one. He says he will “live” in this shirt.
Leap Year DVD. One of Ceil’s favorite movies. She said she wanted a copy of her own. Found one at the end of the rack, much cheaper than at Target or Wal-Mart. It’s already paid for itself.
White Dishes. At the half price sale Ceil couldn’t pass on a nice set of plates. This will save wear and tear on her expensive Stanley Anderson set.
Red Robin, by Tom Clancy. A novel I’ve wanted to read, from the Jack Ryan series. At fifty cents, another no brainer.

Sixty five dollars for over $700.00 in merchandise…19 items. All of it needed or wanted.

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