Saturday, May 12, 2012


Last Thursday Ceil was feeling guilty about sending Will down to Florida without a parent for support. A teammates’ dad wasn’t crazy about having to make the drive alone, so at the last minute I signed up to ride with him. We had a great time, and I was able follow their fourth straight comeback win on my phone. Friday they lost the semifinal game…they should have won. Saturday they won the consolation game for third place…Will had two triples and a double. We got back around 1:30 am Sunday morning.

When Will’s teammate bowled over the catcher Friday, I joked that he won the Bronko Nagurski Award. A mom said we should come up with funny awards for all the players. I did, of course, and emailed it to her. Monday night she made me read them at the banquet, and it got a big response. Before that most of the people thought I was just the quiet guy who keeps score.

All these hit batters have been interesting. Hitting Bryce Harper is similar to the new Grisham book. I’m enjoying Ball Four, but I’m not exactly devouring it. The stories in Ball Four are interesting, but hardly controversial these days. Stories about some big names like Mantle and Pepitone…and faces from baseball cards, like Marty Pattin and Steve Barber. Yesterday Ebbetts Field Flannels announced on Facebook that they gave Bouton the Amarillo minor league cap he wore in 1959.  

Ceil emailed around 4 am Wednesday morning, saying they were headed to the Louvre. That afternoon she emailed a photo of her eating French bread. The sun was shining, so the weather was good.

Wednesday night Will cooked burgers and hot dogs and French fries.

Nice / funny that Will made the little FB announcement. Now he’s back from Florida, and he’s getting everything set up for UGA. He signed up for orientation, and he’s working on his housing. Signing up so late makes him a low priority, though he’s talking to a couple of friends about rooming with him.

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