Friday, April 19, 2013

18 in America

Golfer Dylan Dethier wrote the book 18 in America about his journey playing golf in the 48 contiguous United States. Golf Magazine published some interesting numbers from his trip, and I extrapolated a few more.

141 days on the road, at least
140 nights spent sleeping in his Subaru station wagon
146 feet of Subway sandwiches consumed
127 courses played  
35,173 total miles driven
250 average miles driven per day
68 lowest score, at Truth or Consequences Golf Club, in New Mexico
86 highest score, at Merion Golf Course in Ardmore PA
$2.10 lowest greens fee, at Coonskin golf course in Charleston WV
$220.00 highest greens fee, at Valhalla golf course in Louisville KY
$6,220.00 total cost of trip
$43.80 cost per day
1005 approximate gallons of gas consumed, at 35 MPG
$3266.25 approximate cost of gas used, at $3.25 per gallon.
$773.80 estimated cost of the 146 foot-long Subway sandwiches

If these dollar estimates for gas and Subway are close, that leaves about two thousand dollars for 125 rounds of golf. I’ve got to think that his average greens fee was higher than sixteen dollars per round. But since he slept in his car and ate Subway, perhaps he mostly played cheap public courses.

They ought to build a golf course in Four Corners, Arizona, so a golfer could travel through four states while playing 18 holes.

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