Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Eating Less

Finally off last week’s GM Diet. Monday I ate Cheerios without milk, one grapefruit, chili, a hamburger patty, and 6 ounces of light yogurt. Worked out with weights in the morning, and threw about one hundred baseballs with Matthew. Gained a pound.

Then Matthew and I bought a blender at Wal-Mart, got gas for the Civic, and I got him some Taco Bell. Watched the end of the Braves game, then a good chunk of the final while I worked on my laptop. Went to bed about halfway through the second half.

During the Braves game they run those AT&T commercials where the man in the suit talks to the kids at a school. During the final the man was sitting at the little table with Kareem, Magic, Larry Bird, and Bill Russell. Pretty good.

Tuesday I brought leftover soup for lunch. Forgot about the chicken salad, which I’ll eat Wednesday. Besides the soup I ate cereal, a grapefruit, and yogurt. Lost a pound. Sunday night I ate too many dried apple pieces, and wound up throwing up.

Got to watch the end of the Braves game. Also listened to parts on the radio, for the second straight night. They were talking about switch-hitting pitchers, like Medlin is. Don Sutton replied “You’re talking to one!” He then told the story of batting lefty…one time. He wanted to do it just so he could say he did. Don wanted to put the ball in play, so he swung at the first pitch. Hit a “52 hopper” off the handle to second base. When he returned to the dugout, his pitching coach thought something was different, but couldn’t figure out what. The coach looked at him and asked “Did you just bat lefty?”

Another big night for Gattis: home run to center, double to the wall, and a line drive to right caught at the warning track. Does MLB award a rookie of the week award? Now Fredi says Gattis will get the majority of starts, using cleanup hitter Freddie Freeman’s injury as his excuse.

Two defensive plays from the game made ESPN’s Baseball Tonight Web Gems: Simmons’ infield-in back to prevent a run, and Johnson’s dive at first base. Just as good was Pena’s 9th inning double play off the popped bunt.

I’m ok with the Braves’ bats quieting down during this Marlins series, and winning close games. Better to have the batters suffer now, figure out what’s wrong, and break out against a stronger team.

I had an interesting Tuesday night. Ceil took Matthew to the mall for a Passion End It gathering. Everyone wore T-shirts with a red X. Knowing he needed to be picked up, I took my time, leaving work at five and stopping at three stores to shop. Then I went into North Point Mall and shopped a little more. Called Matthew, and he said he was at the food court. I looked, saw a guy in a X t-shirt, but no Matthew. I called him again. He was at Cumberland Mall. Sped over there. Then we stopped by Costco and another store, and didn’t get home until 8:45. Late nights, two nights out in a row.

Almost finished with Pillars of the Earth. Still loving it. The Dream Team book is going to be good as well.

Read Lang’s CQ article with Bubba Watson…very good. I’m no expert on the master’s champion, but he seemed to keep Lang at arm’s length, not completely opening up. A few week’s ago Bubba played golf with the Duck Dynasty boys, but Bubba didn’t mention it in the interview (I saw a photo on Twitter). He didn’t seem to open up much about his days at UGA, either. But Watson did reveal a lot about his fascination with the NBA…Lang’s area of expertise. Here’s the link:

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