Monday, April 29, 2013

On the Grid

Twitter is a great place to get up-to-the-minute inside information about people and things you’re interested in. I’m an old fogie, but it seems to me like if it was important enough for you follow someone on Twitter you would read all their posts. I follow 33 people, including several that tweet a lot (the two Braves beat reporters, for instance). It’s almost impossible for me to read all the tweets. Kids follow hundreds of people: all their friends, etc. There’s no way they read all those tweets. To them, I suppose Twitter is like Facebook: you follow someone just because they’re your friend. Then the friend follows them back, and everyone has lots of followers. Since I don’t follow everyone I know, I don’t have many followers (46). But like me, most people my age don’t follow everyone they know.

Instagram is great for sharing pictures, but I don’t have many pictures to share. I kind of use Instagram as a place to save pictures, so all my phone memory isn’t used up. Ceil is big into Instagram and Twitter, but doesn’t have a Facebook. She has more followers than me, but only because she follows more people. Facebook is good because it’s easy to stay caught up with people I never see any more: old SPdL people like Connie Morris and her cute grandkids, the Worrill sisters, Kimberly Kitchens, and many others.

I do more and more on my phone: Facebook, Twitter, email, and reading a few of my favorite websites. It’s easy to get on “Ceil’s” desktop computer at night, where I can do 90% of everything else. Then I have to dag out my laptop a couple of times a week for the other ten percent. Haven’t gotten on either computer these last two nights.

At work Thursday they brought in Dreamland BBQ. Being outside so much at work triggered my asthma. Used that as an excuse to not exercise. On the way in to work this morning a picked up a large diet Mountain Dew for the caffeine.

Watched Atlas Shrugged: Part One on Netflix Thursday night. Also part of Bingo Long, the Negro League baseball movie filmed in Macon in the 70’s. Later we watched the Duck Dynasty season finale. Checked out Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Kennedy from the library, and I’m getting close to finishing the Dream Team book. Saw that Netflix had the eight part series of Ken Follett’s World Without End. Perhaps I’ll watch it.     

Got a haircut on the way home from work Wednesday. Then I had to drive up past Crabapple to pick up Anna. Ceil fixed a Chinese dish for supper. She was watching American Idol, so I read my Dream Team book. I had saw where the Braves had the lead, so I didn’t bother to listen to the end of the game. When I got home I got caught up on the bad news.

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