Monday, April 15, 2013

Tiger's Masters

Heard someone on the Golf Channel say that had Woods withdrawn, he would've been saying the Masters rules officials hadn't handled the situation correctly. Whatever that new rule was that came into play was not known by most of the people calling for Woods to withdraw. These people weren't listening to the entire story.

Chad blasted Woods on Facebook. Others responded, explaining how the new rules were being interpreted, but Chad wasn't open to what they were saying. He was against Tiger because of his lapses in character. After he was put in his place, Chad stayed off Facebook the rest of the weekend. By-the-way, Chad no longer works for the US Representative's office in Asheville. Now he is a "Federal Affairs Communication Manager" for Duke Energy.

After his Sunday round Tiger didn't mention how he very well could've won had he not hit that flagstick on Friday. He just said that he needed to shoot 65 on Sunday to win, and he didn't.

I didn't hear the full story, but evidently one of the people to call CBS and the Masters about Tiger's apparent Friday rules infraction was the ex-husband of Tiger's new girlfriend, Olympic ski champion Lindsey Vonn.

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