Monday, April 01, 2013

More on The Knuckler

One of the better things about the Wakefield book is his opinions on his managers and pitching coaches. The book is mostly written by someone else, and is written in the third person…about Wakefield, as opposed to him telling stories in the first person. Wake loved Grady Little and Jimy Williams, and disliked Joe Kerrigan. The book mentions all the links with the Braves, and how they were more open to a knuckleballer because of Niekro.

Wakefield also liked Pedro Martinez. For a position player, Mike Greenwell helped out Wakefield.

After starting for several years and compiling a string of quality 200 inning seasons, Kerrigan demoted him to a few seasons of long relief. Little and Theo Epstein came in and put Wakefield back in the rotation, and he ran off several more 200 inning seasons. Had it not been for Kerrigan, Wake would've probably retired as the winningiest pitcher in Red Sox history.

When the Red Sox signed Steve Avery, a bonus kicked in if he started 18 games. After 17 starts the Boston front office wanted Jimy Williams to sit Avery, but Williams gave him the start anyway.

This weekend I remembered to take my laptop, but forgot the Lenovo power cord. Spent a lot of time on my phone, and read more of the Wakefield book. Saw some basketball on Friday and Saturday night, but Sunday I missed all the games.

Saturday I read more of the SI baseball issue, and tallied every team's starting lineup projected strikeout total. The Nats had more than the Braves. Fans who complain about all the Braves' strikeouts don't realize every other team has the same problem.

So Saturday Gattis hit one completely out of the stadium in Pearl , Mississippi ?

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