Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More on Tiger

The people who think Woods should have been disqualified (or withdrawn) don't understand the recent rules changes in golf. They may consider themselves golf traditionalists, but any true golf enthusiast would want to understand what the CURRENT rules are. Saturday there was plenty of discussion on the Golf Channel and ESPN, and those experts quickly came to terms with how the Masters Rules Committee made their decision. The Master even consulted golf's ruling authorities: the R&A in England, and the USGA in the United States. Both supported the Masters' decision. Other golfers seemed to be supportive of the new rules, thinking that they may benefit in the future. Those people crying foul obviously have not done their due diligence.

It was Lindsey Vonn's ex-husband who proudly called in, claiming Tiger had broken the rules. Golf doesn't seem to mind viewers calling in to point out rules violations, but many professional golfers aren't crazy about it. Years ago a golfer (Craig Stadler?) had to hit a shot while on his knees, so he placed a towel on the ground so his pants wouldn't get dirty. Someone called in, saying the broke the rule about building up his stance. According to the rule book, Stadler had violated the rule.

Finished up my taxes last night, and did Will's. More work than I had realized.

As I recall, Delle Donne stayed at Delaware to be near her special-needs sister. Wonder if she will turn down Chicago or ask for a trade.

A Sports Illustrated article said Griner had more impact on the women's game than Lew Alcindor had on the men's game. Bobby Knight watched her score the first five times she touched the ball…scoring five different ways.

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