Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Opening Day

I was so pumped for Opening Day that I drove straight home and forgot to run some errands. Ceil arrived later, and missed Freeman’s home run while walking the dog. She also missed Upton’s HR as well. I was just glad they played with energy.

Not sure why the Braves like that Opening Day entrance through the centerfield fence, through the steam like the Miami Hurricanes. Unlike football players, professional baseball players would feel silly sprinting in across the grass. The short trot from the dugout steps to the foul line is good enough for me. During the game I saw John’s friend Marshall on TV, working the neon tomahawk. He was also shown during the pregame. Son David treated father Henry with tickets, and my high school placement holder Randy Griffin was also in attendance.

As talented as Justin Upton is, his casual on-field manner is going to turn off some traditional Braves fans, in the way Bob Horner did. The ex-DBack hustles to make plays, but then immediately shifts to a laidback mode. He seemed to give up an at bat after a bad strike call on a pitch low & away. He can act however he likes as long as he produces. Hopefully he’s not one of those players who gets a big hit early in the game, then coasts the rest of the way (or swings for the fences the rest of the night). As long as Justin stays healthy, he could have a monster year.

Interesting to hear Chip and Joe mention that scouts say Andrelton is already the best shortstop in the National League. He seemed to play a mature game last night, and I hope that continues. Simmons made a nice rescue on Laird’s pickoff attempt, but didn’t totally sell the fake. I hadn’t gotten a good look at Laird before last night either. And Gattis looks every bit of his 27 years. With the closely cropped beard, his face bears a slight resemblance to David Ross.

I’m thinking Fredi will be calling on Avilan a bunch this season. He pitches every time I watch the Braves. Hope his arm holds up.

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