Monday, April 15, 2013

Greener Pastures

Three co-workers have left my company in the past week.

Tubing Sales Manager Damon received an offer he couldn’t refuse: general manager of USA Production Parts in Gainesville. A large promotion just five minutes from his house. Damon is a good guy: devoted Christian, husband, golfer, hunter, Braves fan. Recently he and some buddies attended a Bigfoot convention, for laughs. Played baseball at Kennesaw, and used to caddy at Eastlake.

Outside salesman Jeff started his career at Tull about a year before I did. He left our company for several years, then returned about five or six years ago. He’s returning to his old company, Feralloy, to manage the Atlanta territory. Wild in his youth, Jeff matured, married, and had several daughters. Used to attend North Point, but now attends a Methodist church close to his Dunwoody home. Once Damon and a friend were paired with two people he didn’t know in a golf foursome. One of the strangers kept making calls on his cell, speaking the language of metal. Damon told him he worked in the metals industry, for Ryerson. The stranger said that he used to work for Ryerson as well. It was Jeff.

Inside salesman Jason took a job downtown at Main Steel, where his boss will be former Ryerson employee Darren. Another former Ryerson employee also works at Main. Jason is a funny, tender-hearted husband and father. Sometimes rides a motorcycle. Went to Tucker High.   

Perhaps the economy is improving. Perhaps I should look for a job.

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