Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rutgers' Abusive Coach

Rutgers fired their abusive coach. Back in the day, that’s the way coaches were. Lombardi. Woody Hayes. Life wasn’t perfect, but there weren’t many of the discipline problems we have today.  In high school (and earlier) it was the same way, though you could tell attitudes were starting to change. PE coaches would paddle miscreants, and no one objected. At practice we were cussed at and pushed around. That was the way it was. In a positive way, I’m sure these experiences gave me discipline and helped turn me into the person I am today.

I’ve heard other teachers say the same thing about today’s parents, most who are uninterested or too busy to attend parent-teacher conferences…unless the parents feel like the student has been wronged. As much as I enjoy being around young people, I would hate to be a teacher today.

What went wrong? Parents started placing the kid’s interests above their own, making the children feel entitled…as if they were more important than others. Somewhere along the way, God became less important. These self-centered children grew up to become self-centered adults…wanting more for themselves as opposed to being a giver and servant. Fortunately, there still are people in world who are still disciplined and others-focused. Will and his classmates didn’t always like it, but they benefitted greatly from the discipline instilled at their Living Science school. The difference between LS and the school A and M currently attend is clearly obvious.    

Recently someone posted a sign on Facebook about the school shootings that said something like:
“God, why were you not here at school to prevent the shooting?
God answered: Years ago you kicked me out of school.”

I have only been following the Rutgers story from a distance. Didn’t the players say that they understood that this was how the coach behaved?

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