Saturday, August 03, 2013

Andy & Louie

As I might’ve said before, there are plenty of differences between Andy and Louie. It always amazes me how every word Andy speaks and writes and tweets is so well thought out. People are drawn to Louie because he is so much more open and inviting, which makes him more prone to tweets like that. Similar to the inauguration flap, which Andy would’ve been much less likely to get caught in. I’m much more of an Andy person, not that I am good at measuring my own words.  
People don’t need to forget how fortunate they are. I sure wouldn’t mind walking a mile to be able to travel all the places that Louie goes. I’m not sure how all that goes down.

I also read that Five Worst Sports Cities pictorial. Besides the nice photo of the old Atlanta Flames player, I wasn’t too impressed. What percentage of the year are sports fans depressed because none of their teams did not win the World Series/Super Bowl/Stanley Cup/NBA Championship? Seems like there are plenty of Braves and Falcons fans right now that are quite happy with their teams.

Perhaps a better determination of “Worst Sports Cities” would be an aggregate of where the teams finished in the standings. Los Angeles may be a great NBA town, but apparently they are a terrible NFL town.

Having enjoyed this winning streak, my small concern is if the Braves are peaking too early. Still, many Braves players have a long way to go to return to top form. I rarely listen to 680 (but that may temporarily change, my Civic’s CD player just went out), but Chuck Oliver was mentioning how come playoff time Pittsburgh’s ballpark is going to be loud, after years and years of losing seasons. Not sure if the Pirates trouncing of the Cardinals this week is more from Pittsburgh ’s dominance than the Cardinals hitting a low spot. Both have recently suffered injuries to key players.

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