Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Party for Charles

Typical weekend. Friday evening Anna went off to a party, and slept over at the Hargreaves. I drove C and M over to the Dekalb Farmers Market, where we ate in their cafeteria. Ceil loves it, and Matthew got to eat wings. I had beef lasagna, chili, and squash casserole. All the food looks good, but is made with foreign spices that make it taste quite unappealing. After we ate I read my book while Ceil shopped. Got home and watched the end of the Braves game

Saturday M woke up at 7:30 am, showered, and got dressed up. I cleaned up some upstairs, and shortly after 10 am drove M up to pick up his friend Sarah, who was spending the day at our house. Later Ceil took them shopping. I watched the Braves and paid bills. Ceil cooked a lasagna type dish, but Anna ate cheesy noodles and Matthew found something else to eat..

Sunday afternoon Ceil and I went over to the Norman’s for Charles’ graduation party. We had just missed Fred O and Cindy, but saw Dale and Ruth McClain. Had a nice long chat with Ashley Corbitt. Saw David, Joel, and Willis Norman, who I hadn’t seen in a long time. Willis had considered going to China as a missionary. Also in attendance were the Arasmiths, Connor Smith’s family, DJ, Isaac, and the recently-engaged Josiah.

Connor Smith will be playing basketball at Oglethorpe this winter. The Stormy Petrels lost six players from last years’ team. They had recruited Connor for two years, so perhaps he’ll have a chance to play right away. This summer he worked at the Johnson Ferry recreation ministry and played for a men’s league team comprised of former college players. They went to Valdosta to play in a prison, and several of the players shared their testimonies. Connor’s dad said he learned a lot from the guys on the men’s team, and had really matured as a player over the past year up at his prep school in North Carolina. I was telling Connor, the Oglethorpe basketball player who worker at Johnson Ferry, how I used to hang out with Danny Downing when he was in high school. He also knows little Joe Girardeau from Johnson Ferry.  

Sunday night Ceil cooked bacon, eggs, and grits for supper. I watched just about every pitch of the Braves game. Didn’t even change the channel to look at the Dolphins new uniforms.

I’m starting to feel like the guy in the movie “Fever Pitch”, checking the Braves schedule every time I have to be somewhere else. Tonight we have a cookout / sales meeting at my boss’ boss’ house in downtown Norcross. Should be good food.

A couple of years ago Will bought himself a kick butt outdoorsman backpack while he was working a Camp Highland. Took it everywhere, had Ceil sew a Georgia “G” patch on it. Lately he’s been going to yard sales, and he bought this OLD red Jansport backpack. Kinda out of style, but it had a generic Bulldogs patch sewn on it. For some reason he likes the old red one better than the newer hi-tech grey backpack.

This weekend Will went shopping at Kroger and realized he needed a pot. He could buy one pot for ten bucks, but instead bought a whole set for $25.00. Now he’s set for life.

Dock is a pretty good guy. Passion has a guest speaker as well: Jeff Henderson, who used to be the lead pastor at Buckhead Church. Now he’s the lead pastor at North Point’s Gwinnett Church.

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