Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fear the Dodger?

See a replay of the Rays pulling off the hidden ball trick Saturday? I loved it. Evan Longoria said shortstop Yunel Escobar wants to try it more often. Interesting that the Sunday night announcer said he pulled the trick several times as a junior, but when he got to the majors he didn’t want to show anyone up.     

How much more do the Dodgers spend on player salaries than the Braves? They SHOULD win the World Series. Come playoff time the pressure will be on LA. This week ESPN had Sunday Night baseball advertisements featuring Puig, very similar to the Freddie Freeman ads that ran last week.

Watched some of the Dodgers/Rays game. ESPN loves LA. They had a graphic showing the Braves had the best record in the MLB, but no one would say they were the best team. Curt Schilling said the Dodgers were better, and got Craig Kimbrel’s name wrong. Someone did say that Freddie Freeman had MVP numbers, and that Chris Johnson was helping the Braves cut down on strikeouts. Earlier in the season the Braves were second behind the Astros in strikeouts, but now they’re in the “middle of the pack.” Puig was adored, and his two strikeouts were hardly mentioned. ESPN did show a coach instructing Puig after he missed a suicide squeeze sign.

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