Thursday, August 22, 2013


Heard about the ARod beaning but didn’t see it. Umpire went crazy? If umpires have forgotten their place in the game, perhaps it’s time to replace them with technology. I was worried that by hitting Harper two times Saturday, the Braves wound wake up a sleeping giant.

On the way home from work Friday I bought a football at Play It Again Sports, and went to the nearby elementary school to kick. After all those years I didn’t do too bad. But Saturday my instep hurt. Forget the Falcons and GT…I’m shooting for # 1…Alabama. In the Dome August 31.

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs. Late Saturday afternoon I took Matthew to a party in Acworth. While I was waiting on him I walked a mile in flip-flops. Almost turned my ankle. Got home and stayed up and watched the rest of the Braves game.

Passion City Church took the Sunday off. Anna opened birthday presents. Ceil baked brownies and sweet rolls (I had neither). I drove up to Walton High and kicked in the Astroturf stadium until my leg started hurting. Took Matthew to Roswell and bought Anna a nice Rosemary beach t-shirt. Drove back to Roswell with Anna. Paid bills and watched Duck Dynasty.

Dock accepted the SPdL job. Drew Kelly mentioned it on Facebook. Dock can retire from Mercer, I suppose.

Duck Dynasty: I’d rather watch re-runs of DD than the LLWS, which I have avoided so far.

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