Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mr. 4000

Ichiro Suzuki collected his 4000th hit Wednesday night. Here are some numbers…hopefully not all have I noted before.

1278 in Japan, an average of 142 over 9 seasons
2722 in the US, an average of 209 over 13 seasons.

Ichiro joins Paul Waner, Ritchie Ashburn, and Albert Pujols are the only major leaguers with at least 150 hits in each of their first 12 seasons. Suzuki has at least 178 hits in each of his 13 MLB seasons, but only has 116 hits so far this year. He is a career .320 hitter.

Players with 4000 professional hits:
4683 Pete Rose (303/375/409/784)
4355 Ty Cobb (366/433/512/945)
4229 Julio Franco (298/365/417/782)
4095 Hank Aaron (305/374/555/928)
4093 Jigger Statz (285/337/373/710)
4001 Stan Musial (331/417/559/976)
4000 Ichiro Suzuki (320/362/416/778)

Julio Franco's hit total includes time spent in the minors, MLB, Mexican, Japan, Korea, and Dominican.

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