Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mind Games

Practicing typing and regaining that skill will be like working a puzzle to your brain, and keep your mind sharp. Supposedly there are websites you can go to and work certain puzzles that exercises your brain.

Mark Cuban went on Jay Leno and complained about MLB commissioner Bed Selig and all his henchmen, who apparently shut Cuban out of the bidding for first the Cubs, then the Rangers. I think he bid on the Dodgers as well. Each time Cuban was willing to overpay, but baseball didn’t want him as an owner. Guess they were adverse to all his new fan-friendly ideas. Too bad.

Wednesday night Ceil cooked BBQ chicken, potatoes, salad, apple pie, and homemade vanilla ice cream. I passed on the potatoes and watched the Braves. Made some air-popped popcorn.

Thursday night Ceil cooked homemade pizza, with healthy dough made from scratch in her breadmaker. Very light and crispy crust. We drove out to the new outlets just north of Woodstock, that had just opened a few weeks ago. Closer for us than Dawsonville, Commerce, Calhoun, or Locust Grove. Includes Nike, New Balance, adidas, Puma, Crocs, Converse, Under Armor, Clarks, Ecco, Columbia, Famous Footwear…all stores I like. Probably a Nautica there as well. When we got home Anna was watching a campy new beach movie on the Disney Channel, made up to be like those old beach movies like Giget.

Finishing up Ryan O’Neal’s book “Both of Us: My Life With Farrah.” Hard to find good books on CD these days for my ride in the car. I have some reserved, but have to fill in with some less desirable books when I can’t get the good ones. I need to go high-tech and download books onto my phone or laptop.

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