Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Hample

It is hilarious that Johnny is such a ballhawk. He is well up to speed on Hample. At the Blue Jays game Johnny called the kid a Hample disciple. When you're at a batting practice it is so crowded you almost have to be aggressive to get a ball (both Johnny and my Will are aggressive, though John's friend Marshal isn't as much). But the really over-aggressive people really stand out. For some reason I read Sample’s blog post about Turner Field, and knew the AJC article would be coming out. I wonder if Johnny recognized Hample at that game. During the game Hample was mainly at the third base dugout, and Johnny sits in that area.

We had a good time at the Gwinnett game. Pete Orr was a man among boys. Laird got beat up, taking a ball off his knee. An IronPigs speedster scored from second on a passed ball, almost catching up with the runner ahead of him. No rain, and not too hot. Didn't realize that Mejia had 28 home runs.

Saturday night at Turner Field the Johnson Ferry Baptist adult choir sang the anthem, and there was buzz on Facebook about which choir member was to blame for the loss. I think the youth choir has also sung the anthem this season. At Gwinnett last night for the 7th Inning Stretch a local pastor sang God Bless America. He did a good job, but completely croaked on the last note. He kinda laughed about it, but you could tell he was disappointed. Reid bought Lang's son a tiny G-Braves cap.

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