Tuesday, August 27, 2013

eBay Success

Not much went on with us this weekend. Friday Ceil was worn out from the week, but drank some strong coffee and painted Anna’s bedroom. First we ran to Home Depot for paint. Then I ran up to Kroger and bought hot dogs, buns, cabbage (for slaw), and baked beans. I fixed the supper, then watched the Braves.

Saturday I took Matthew up to Milton to spend time with Sarah. Started putting jerseys on eBay, and spent the most of the day doing that. Watched the Braves, the golf tourney, and the end of the Red Sox victory over the Dodgers. Ceil went grocery shopping, and fixed orange chicken. Around 9:30 pm I posted a Saints jersey on eBay. I had bought the jersey for $5.00 week or so at Goodwill. As I was going upstairs to bed around 11 pm someone paid the Buy It Now price for it: $87.00. Not bad.

Sunday I put more stuff on eBay. Passion wasn’t having services again this week, but Anna’s small group did meet. Like you I watched the Braves beat the Cardinals, and then turned over to watch Tiger birdie 17 and just miss on 18. Matthew reluctantly did some schoolwork, and was rewarded with Panda Express. I trimmed the hedges and posted more items on eBay. Right now I have 21 items for sale, a new record. I don’t research as much as I should. There are several items I have posted but haven’t sold. I keep reposting them, slowly lowering the price, hoping someone will buy them.

A few years ago I read a diet/exercise book that one day a week you could eat whatever you want as a reward for sticking to the plan the other six days. Mellow Mushroom may have the best pizza in town.

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