Friday, August 16, 2013

World Series or Bust

Crazy how things turn out. Uggla goes on the DL, Pastornicky returns and provides a spark. Then he gets run over by Heyward. Janish takes over and breaks his hitless streak. Mark Bradley thinks Michael Young is the answer. Would he be too expensive a rental?

Did the Bradley column say that Young had already cleared waivers? Hopefully the Braves will keep right on rolling, but I’ll be ok with taking 1 of 3 from Washington . Atlanta has won six straight series, but should they lose one the masses will panic. Hopefully it won’t be too wet of a weekend, Braves wise.
Nationally televised games are already longer because of extra commercials between innings. Unlike football, I think MLB umpiring is getting worse. Umps often seem to go out of their way to start arguments and make the game revolve around them. In the old days umpires tried to be invisible. Like striking air-traffic controllers, perhaps these haughty umpires are working their way out of a job.

Learning a lot about Mickey Mantle. When his four boys were under the age of ten, their young babysitter was Martha Stewart. Mantle once visited JFK’s famous “Dr. Feelgood”, who later lost his license for unauthorized possession of amphetamines. I knew Mantle had knee problems, but didn’t know he played his entire career in severe pain. Considering this, he accomplished a great deal in his career.

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