Monday, May 26, 2014

Foods You Shouldn't Eat

Websites often publish lists like this. I forgot where I saw this one, but took note because it was so applicable to be. By copying it down and publishing it here, it does me better than just reading it the one time. Now if I can only stick to it.

1. Soft Drinks (guilty)
2. Hot Dogs (guilty)
3. High Calorie Pastries (guilty)
4. Canned Fruit
5. Artificial Sweeteners (guilty)
6. Farmed Salmon
7. Microwave Popcorn
8. Swordfish
9. Hydrogenated Oils
10. Condiments that require no refrigeration
11. Fried Foods (guilty)
12. Genetically Modified Foods (soybeans, corn, chicken)
13. Apples, strawberries, & grapes grown with pesticides
14. Refined white fours
15. Bacon (guilty)
16. Milk
17. Junk Food (guilty)
18. Regular Potato Chips
20. Canned Tomatoes
21. Frozen Dinners
22. Donuts (guilty)
23. Low Fat Foods (guilty)

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