Monday, May 05, 2014


FRIDAY: had a really good time at Bonefish. The food was great and the service was lightning quick...though it didn’t seem to me that they were trying to rush us through so they could clear the table for the next diners. After we left we swung by JoAnn Fabrics. Loved all those military stories – I hadn’t heard them before!

SATURDAY: got so much done this weekend, yet it seems like I barely scratched the surface. First I cleaned (put things away) upstairs. Ceil brought me a toasted bacon, egg, & cheese English muffin for breakfast. Then we dragged all the plastic clothes containers out of the attic. Several were already empty, so I put away the two huge piles of winter clothes and blankets I had removed from the closets and drawers. As I went I made a pile to give away and another pile to sell – also a pile of wool sweaters for Ceil’s sewing. When I was done I only had six full containers to put back into the attic, plus 12 empty containers. I filled the back of my Civic with giveaway clothes, and I have a bunch to sell. I took breaks to eat lunch and wash loads of laundry.

By the end of the day I was exhausted. My upper back was hurting from leaning over folding clothes, plus I was wheezing from the dust. Ceil cooked wings for dinner, so I ate mixed vegetables and broccoli. Followed the Hawks and Braves on my phone. Anna and Ceil started watching LOST, so I went to bed early.

SUNDAY: got back to work. Took pictures of about twenty shirts to sell, and posted several of them on Ebay. Did more laundry and fixed oatmeal for breakfast and turkey quesadillas for lunch. Drove M down to PCC and went back and cut the grass, raked, and blew the driveway. About time, considering the weeds were a foot tall. Supper was salad and macaroni and cheese. Watched Leverage, and went to bed early again.

MONDAY: mailed an Ebay package. Got two more to mail tonight. Co-worker is out sick again, so it will be a busy day. But 24 comes on tonight! Also need to fold laundry, mail more Ebay packages, post more on Ebay, exercise, and stop by the cleaners.

The Braves may have never lost a series in the Marlins new park until now, but it seems like they always struggled down in the old park. They still have the second best record in the majors. Saw an article about the Marlins calling for a replay while up nine runs. Batter tried for the extra base with two out in the 5th and was clearly safe. Teams have come back from larger deficits to win. I’m all for hustling and have no problem with Redmond asking for a replay, but perhaps the guy shouldn’t have been stretching a single into a double while up nine runs. Saturday night they broke out the sweet Atlanta Black Crackers uniforms.
Million Dollar Arm was filmed in Atlanta, making it even more interesting. When the Pirates signed the two Indian cricket players Sports Illustrated ran an article, the followed up a year of two later. Hadn’t heard anything since then – the two were still in the minors, with one faring better than the other.

I love egg mcmuffins, though it’s so small. Similar to the sandwich Ceil fixed for me Saturday morning. The sausage mcmuffin is ok, as is the mcgriddles that are presently two for $3.00.

Did Phil Mickelson do something dumb yesterday? Sometimes fans scream as players on TV, when in fact the player was doing everything correctly, and the shot just wasn’t executed properly. Nobody is perfect.

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