Saturday, May 31, 2014

Habits of the Mentally Strong

Nine Essential Habits of Mentally Strong People, from the Huffington Post.

See things objectively. Look past your emotions and first impressions. See things clearly and evenly. Think of creative solutions/actions.

Let go of entitlements. Don’t expect a life free from obstacles or setbacks. Many millennials have unrealistic expectations and strongly resist accepting negative feedback. Life can be derailed at any moment. Don’t waste effort feeling wronged when things don’t do your way. My weakness.

Keep an even keel. A cool head is a tremendous asset when dealing with challenging situations.

Don’t aspire to be happy all the time – this leads to an unhealthy attitude toward negative emotions and experiences. Letting different feelings coexist is a key component of resiliency.

Be a realistic optimist. Get up after you fall. Find solutions to the problem at hand. Have the hopefulness of the optimist and clarity of the pessimist. This gives both the motivation and critical thinking required to solve problems.

Live in the present – rather than dwelling in the past or anticipating the future. Allows you to see things as they really are. By focusing on what’s in front of you, no baggage is carried over and only what matters is considered. My weakness. Some argue this point.

Be persistent in pursuing your goals. Studies have found that grit and persistence accounts for success in life more than IQ, good looks, physical health, or emotional health.

Know when it’s time to let go. We control our own actions – but not the results of those actions. Accept what you cannot control.

Love your life. Most important. Find joy in not just accepting, but embracing the things that happen to you. Obstacles are life itself – be grateful and appreciative of them.

Also three “don’ts”: don’t dwell on the past, resent the success of others, or feel sorry for yourself.

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