Sunday, June 01, 2014

Creative Team Names

My high school was originally called the Sidney Lanier High Poets. Ever since I have appreciated schools who got creative with their team name instead of copying a popular name and logo, which so many schools do these days. Schools are supposed to foster creativity, create identity, and discourage copying other people's work - then school administrators violate copyright laws by stealing professional and collegiate logos.

These days so many small private schools are popping up across the country. Many of them are founded with strong religious beliefs. Instead of succinctly adopting an already-used quasi-Christian team name like Angels or Saints - that don't stand out from all the other schools who've also adopted professional team names - why not get creative and bold when coming up with a name? Living Science never fielded a team, but if they had I'd like to think it would be named after what adorns so many Living Science T-shirts - a Lighthouse. The Living Science Lighthouses could become as iconic a school name as the Lanier Poets or the Cairo Syrupmakers.

In my area three or four teams are called the Knights. While Knights could be a decent name since it's not widely used, if a nearby school already has that name, why copy it? Names like Wolves and Wildcats are good, underused names picked up by local private schools. Much better than the North Georgia Falcons, a home school team whose uniforms mirror those of the Atlanta Falcons.

Two more pet peeves: (1) While most pro and iconic college team logos are simple, so many small private high schools and minor league teams unprofessionally create complex logos that combine the school name and/or first letter with a drawing of the mascot - making it hard to comprehend from faraway stands on a cap or helmet. (2) Schools order the latest "cool" uniform from a catalog, with weird number fonts and stripes running this way and that. This is what just about every other team does, so no one is unique. Why not wear bold untrimmed block numbers with normal stripes on the helmet, shoulders, and pants? These days that would be different. 

Simple logos and uniforms look best and stand out from all the current clutter. Unfortunately, few have the guts to be different - or take the road less traveled. Why?

I brainstormed names for Christian schools and came up with this list below. Some of the names are in jest and others are plain not good, so hopefully no one will just cherry-pick a name from this list. Can you add a good one to the list?

Angels (lacks creativity)
Cross Carriers
Defenders (of the Faith)
Giant Slayers
Heavenly Hosts
Padres (lacks creativity)
Pew Jumpers
Saints (lacks creativity)
Soldiers of the Cross
Spiritual Giants

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