Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Every MLB Team

By attending tonight’s Braves/Mariners game at Turner Field, I have now seen every MLB team in person. The Mariners were the last team that I hadn’t seen. A few years ago they came to Atlanta while I was at the beach. Here are most of the places I have seen each team play, along with a few of the more notable players I got to watch...

Angels at Turner Field (Estrada collision)
Astros in Houston (Biggio, Bagwell), Wrigley, AFC, & Turner (playoffs)
Athletics in Houston & Turner Field
Blue Jays at old Comminsky (McGriff, Alomar)
Braves at AFC, Turner, Shea, & St. Louis (Aaron, Niekro, Torre, Murphy)
Brewers at Fenway and Turner Field (Braun, Felder)
Cardinals at old Busch Stadium (Flood), AFC, & Turner Field (McGwire)
Cubs at Wrigley (Sandburg) & Turner Field (Sosa HR)
Diamondbacks at Turner Field (Randy Johnson)
Dodgers at AFC (LaSorda, Garvey, etc) & Turner Field (Pedro Martinez)
Expos at AFC (Dawson, Raines, Cromarte)
Giants in SF (Bonds HR), AFC (Mays & McCovey) & Turner (Bonds HR)
Indians in Arlington (Jim Thome)
Mariners at Turner Field (Robinson Cano)
Marlins at Turner Field (NLCS)
Mets at Shea, AFC (Strawberry), & Turner Field (David Wright)
Nationals at RFK & Turner Field (Strasburg, Harper)
Orioles at Camden Yards, St. Pete, & Turner Field (Cal Ripken)
Padres at AFC (Tony Gwynn) & Turner Field
Phillies at AFC (Bowa, Schmidt) & Turner Field (Howard, Rollins, Utley)
Pirates in SF, AFC (Clemente & Stargell), & Turner Field (McCutchen)
Rangers in Arlington (ARod) & Turner Field
Rays in St. Pete
Red Sox at Fenway & Turner Field (Nomar, Manny, Ortiz)
Reds at AFC (Big Red Machine) & Turner Field (Griffey Jr)
Rockies at Turner Field (Helton)
Royals in Arlington
Tigers at Turner Field
Twins at AFC (World Series) (Morris, Puckett, Hrbek)
White Sox at old Comminsky
Yankees at AFC (World Series) & Turner Field (Jeter)

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