Thursday, June 05, 2014

Weekday Golf

Wednesday Will and I played golf at the hilly Steel Canyon Golf Course in Sandy Springs, just south of the river. We had never played there before, but had a great time. We teed off shortly after 5:30 and finished at 8:45. I played well for me, considering that I hadn't played since October. Even broke 100, though the course is a short par 61. As usual, I lost more balls than I found, though the found balls were nicer than the ones I lost.

We played the front nine alone, well ahead of the group of five behind us. On hole eleven we joined two twenty-something guys for the final eight holes. By then I was worn out, though my play wasn't completely terrible. I only hit one ball in the water. Will played pretty good, carding only five double-bogeys.

After leaving work Tuesday at three to head to the Braves game, the new boss inquired as to my whereabouts. I apologized for sneaking out without informing him, but it was no big deal. When I poked my head in his office when I was leaving Wednesday at four, he smiled and said "Leaving early again?" Then he said that I was the least of his worries, which was encouraging. Wednesday we were able to have one of our better chats. In the future I'll keep him better informed.

4..6..5..1 Will bogey
4..6..5..2 Will bogey
3..5..4..3 Will bogey
3..6..5..4 Will double
3..4..3..5 Will par
5..5..5..6 Dave & Will both par
3..6..3..7 Will par
3..4..4..8 Dave & Will both bogey
3..4..4..9 Dave & Will both bogey

3..6..5..10 Will double
4..7..5..11 Will bogey
3..7..5..12 Will double
3..7..3..13 Will par
3..6..5..14 Will double
4..8..5..15 Will bogey
4..5..6..16 Dave bogey
3..5..4..17 Will bogey
3..6..3..18 Will par

Will 5 pars, 8 bogeys, 5 doubles. Five straight holes with a par or bogey.

Me: one par, 4 bogeys, 4 doubles. First ever par on a par five. Before we played a drank an entire Powerade. When I got home I drank 48 ounces of water. During the night my legs cramped, a very rare occurrence. Had to get up and drink more water.

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