Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Cone of Shame

Last Thursday our dog Barney had surgery to remove several blemishes. They knocked him out, shaved three or four areas, removed the blemishes, and stitched him up. The stitches on back of his head are several inches long, making him look like Frankendog. Since Friday he’s been wearing the cone of shame. He’s so big that he can’t walk around the table like he used to, and the cone makes it a challenge for him to climb the stairs of jump on the bed. He’s so strong that he scratches his chin through the cone. It makes a huge racket, especially in the middle of the night. The stitches are taking forever to heal.

At work in the afternoon co-worker Chris will says she needs chocolate. Since I am one of the few people in our office to have extra cabinets, she keeps some of her notebooks in my cabinet. Whenever she needs the notebook she just comes over and gets it. We also keep a few spare EZGo parts in the same cabinets, in boxes. Once during Christmas we had a bunch of candies and snacks, so I kept some chocolates in the cabinets until some of the other candies and been eaten up, so they would last longer.

A few weeks ago I got the idea to take one of the boxes in the cabinet and put it next to Chris’ notebooks. I labeled the box “CHOCOLATE – DO NOT TOUCH.” When she finally saw the box she broke out laughing.

Not much going on with me. Customer is shut down, so I am catching up and helping others at work. Nothing to write about, though.

On the way back from picking up Anna Sunday night we were going to stop and get her something to eat. Chickfila was closed, and she’s not crazy about Wendys, Burger King, McDonalds, or Arbys. Not much selection on 85 south. Finally got to the Mall of Georgia at 9:15 and Moes was closed. Next exit the Dunkin Donuts was out of everything except coffee – but was still open.

Monday night we watched 24. Ceil cooked these little stuffed boneless chicken breasts for dinner. Stuffed with spinach. Good. Had the leftovers for lunch on Tuesday.

After work Tuesday I got a warm cookie at RaceTrac. Big and good. Then at the library I checked out Stephen King’s “Under the Dome.” Thirty CD’s. Good so far. After the library I hit the Dollar Tree next door. Ceil called, needing salsa from El Porton. While there I also bought yogurt at Kroger.

For dinner Ceil cooked burrito fixins: shredded chicken, cut steak, chips, and two kinds of rice. Afterwards I watched the Braves and read my Zimmer book. Kimbrel has been driving me crazy. Last night it was an error by defensive replacement Pena that put the tying run on base. Stayed up too late, and around 11 pm I got sick. It woke me up in the middle of the night, but this morning I think I feel better.      

Ceil had an interview today to teach art.

Have you tried that new menu item at Taco Bell – the combination of the quesadilla and burrito? Not bad – but for some reason they use spicy melted cheese, that you know I am not crazy about.

Matthew got one of those Wendys key fobs for a dollar. The rest of the year he get a free mini frosty with any purchase. I’ll have to borrow it when he’s away at camp.

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