Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Your Team's Mt. Rushmore

Fans often debate who would make up their team’s “Mount Rushmore” of legendary athletes. The top four should be legends from the past, not flash-in-the-pans or from too recent teams. Schools and teams should actually erect their own Mt. Rushmores in or near stadiums. That would be fun. Lots of talk of who would be included, but no one ever actually puts one up. 

Too bad people don’t say “Who would be on your Stone Mountain?” since isn’t the Stone Mountain carving actually larger than Mt. Rushmore?

ATLANTA BRAVES: who gets left out?
Aaron: 335 HR, .293 BA, no WS or MVP in Atlanta.
Murphy: 371 HR, .268 BA, 2 MVPs. Not in HOF. Didn’t win a WS.
Chipper: 468 HR, .303 avg, MVP
Niekro: 268 wins, 3.20 era. No Cy Youngs. Never won a WS.
Glavine: 244 wins, 3.41 era, two Cy Youngs.
Smoltz: 210 wins, 3.26 era, 154 saves in 4 years, one Cy Young
Maddux: 194 wins, 2.63 era, 3 straight Cy Youngs as a Brave.

Solution: have two Mt. Rushmores – one for pitchers and one for hitters.
Pitchers: Niekro, Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine
Hitters: Aaron, Murphy, Chipper, Cox

ALL-TIME BRAVES: Aaron, Spahn, Mathews, Murphy

FALCONS: Tommy Nobis, Claude Humphrey, Jessie Tuggle, Jeff Van Note

HAWKS: Bob Pettit, Dominique Wilkins, Lou Hudson, Pete Maravich

Georgia: Sinkwich, Herschel, Trippi, Dooley

Tech: Mark Price, Matt Harpring, Roger Kaiser, - and Spider Salley? Perhaps Whack Hyder or Bobby Cremins instead of Salley. Kenny Anderson only played two years, and Dennis Scott only three.

Tech: Billy Lothridge, Billy Martin, Calvin Johnson, Joe Hamilton

Baseball: Ruth, DiMaggio, Cobb, Ted Williams

Yankees: Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle, Gehrig. Runner Ups: Berra and Jeter.

Football: Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice. Or Walter Payton over Sanders? Red Grange?

Basketball (pick five): Jordan, Chamberlain, Magic, Havlicek, Robertson

Hockey: Gretzky, Lemieux, Orr, Hull or Howe

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