Friday, June 13, 2014

Memory Verses

Fred O recites the Sermon on the Mount from time to time. He will even dress up in Biblical garb. I think I started memorizing it a long time ago. Also memorized Romans 12. Back at GT we were in small groups and we would memorize verses.

Every year the GT BSU had a 24 hour basketball game against the UGA Baptist Student Union to raise money for student missions. Every hour would be different: guys, girls, co-ed, freshmen, alumni, even an hour with girls on guys shoulders. I would always try to play the most hours. One year I played in the memory verse hour – whoever made a basket had to recite a Bible verse for the basket to count. Wouldn’t you know that was the hour all my shots went in.

Tuesday: drove straight home last night. C cooked Mexican, even though all three kids were gone. M was at Six Flags and Felinis. A went to Brittanys. W was with MC. After dinner C went to Belks and to get M. I watched the Braves offensive explosion, and typed up a resume for Ceil.

Wednesday: Ceil had a rough day, and decided not to go to art – even though Will and Anna were out last night. Then C and W went to watch a swim meet.

I watched several Duck Dynasty episodes that I hadn’t seen before. Though many reality shows get  old after a while and start repeating, Duck Dynasty does a good job of staying fresh. In last night’s season 6 premiere the Governor of Louisiana visited and gave a speech praising the Robertson family’s Christian values, and joined the family in prayer. He also shot some basketballs in the Duck Commander warehouse. In the season 5 finale Jase’s young daughter gave her testimony at the family reunion – and professional wrestlers gave a demonstration.    

Thursday: Crazy day all day long. Some people drive me crazy. What a day. Took my time getting home. Will went to trivia.

Friday: Will took Ceil to play golf. M is at Six Flags again. Anna is probably off somewhere as well. Guess I’ll watch the Braves.

Good rule – never call anyone between 9 pm and 9 am. But kids today keep ODD hours – stay up late. They don’t have a “land line” but rarely call each other on their cell phones either – they’re always texting or face-timing or snap-chatting. I hear phones buzzing at all hours. It’s the EBay notifications that buzz on my phone in the middle of the night.

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