Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another Weekend

Typical weekend for me. Friday afternoon Will played golf at Chastain Park, and Ceil tagged along. Earlier she had taken M to guitar in Woodstock, then down 575 and 75 and across 285 to FBC so Matthew could redie to SixFlags. After work I picked up Willy’s for me and Anna, then drove down to FBC Atlanta to pick up Matthew.

Saturday morning Will left out at 5 am for the big sale at REI. Anna left at 7:30 to take the ACT. My phone rang, and I had to arrange to hot shipment to EZGo. Then Ceil and I took Barney for a walk. Will and Joel came home and set up the tent he had bought. Did some housework and watched the US Open. Saw a deer right outside our back window. Anna had to run an errand, and took Matthew to his friend’s house. On the way Anna hit her first squirrel. Ceil went grocery shopping. Later I drove up to Forsyth County to get Matthew.

Will went to the Braves game with MC’s family. They ate in the 755 Club, and Will said his club sandwich wasn’t very good. He was sitting right in front of Steve Bedrosian, whose son pitched the 9th inning for the Angels. I stayed up past 12:30, but finally went to bed after David Hale blew up, walking the American league pitcher trying to bunt.

Sunday morning Ceil fixed me an egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Later Will, Matthew, and I joined C and A for the 12:30 service at PCC. On the walk in from the parking lot the rain started pounding down, and M in particular got drenched. During her welcome Shelly Giglio singled out the introverts and also made those fathers who didn’t like coffee raise their hands. Though I consider myself an introvert, I proudly raised my hand. As usual the service, music, and message were all great, but going on and on for almost two hours just wears me out. M was cold and wanted to go home instead of staying for youth, and we swung by Taco Bell to warm his insides.

Back home I washed the dishes and folded clothes while watching the Open, and around five we ate burgers, fries, and baked beans. I had read an article about how English Muffins make great burger buns, so I tried it out. Pretty good.   

I’ll be needing at least two tires for the Civic soon. They’re not in real bad shape, but they have a lot of miles on them. Now I’ve got to keep track of maintenance for Will’s Jeep and my father-in-law’s Jeep that Anna drives. Didn’t take advantage of that $24 off at Express Oil Change, did you? I bet the line was long.

I was glad to see the Spurs win. Last week a co-worker was talking like there was no way LeBron could lose. Last night it sounded like it wasn’t his fault. Now will LeBron jump to another team?

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