Sunday, June 29, 2014

Will's Home Runs

I am proud that Will always played well against tough competition, and never left one team to join another team playing against weaker teams. While he could have easily played for a small college team (the coaches at Bellhaven were impressed at his tryout) or even joined UGA’s club team, I’m sure his all-around college experience is being maximized by not played baseball.

Recently I wondered if I’d ever listed some of his more memorable home runs. Without researching, here are a few I remember, in chronological order:

Mt. Paran: numerous inside the park home runs.

Shaw Park: first over-the-fence home run to centerfield.

Cooperstown NY: line drive over centerfield fence.

Mt. Paran Pony Field: hit top of left-centerfield fence. Would’ve become the youngest Mt. Paran Pony League player to hit an over-the-fence home run on that field - a full calendar year younger than the only pony leaguer to homer there.

Roswell Area Park: blast to left-center versus Roswell Hornets.

Panama City Beach Florida: line drive home run to right-center.

Huntsville Alabama: his first High School home run, in March of his freshman year. A low line drive down left field line, on a cold, overcast Saturday.

Sandy Plains Park: first inning leadoff low line drive home run pulled down left field line.

Walton High School: blast hit high off the tall right-centerfield fence, for a long single in Perfect Game Tournament. Would have been a long home run anywhere else.

Central Forsyth High School: Friday evening late-inning home run to left-center with Hurt family in attendance.

Central Forsyth High School: Saturday morning first inning leadoff home run on his next swing, to the very same spot.

Ringold GA: junior year first inning leadoff home run, over centerfield fence.

East Cobb Complex: senior year blast over tall centerfield fence.

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