Saturday, June 28, 2014

Legacy Community Academy

Took a long lunch Thursday to attend Matthew's interview at the Legacy Community Academy in Alpharetta. Very impressive – hopefully we can afford it. Friday M went to Six Flags with his longtime friends Daniel, Nathan, and John for our long-time East Cobb small group. Next week Matthew is going to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Seiverville/Dollywood. They may go to a Tennessee Smokies minor league game. 

The lady at Chick-fil-a now says M can start working in August…the CFA in Roswell across from Stoney River, at the corner of Holcomb Bridge and Hwy 9. She's been putting him off since August, so he is ready to start looking elsewhere. M says the Steak & Shake is hiring near Claire's. While CFA would be a good job, he wouldn't work too much. He will need to get rolling with his schoolwork before starting to work lots of hours. He is focused on buying an expensive, new electric guitar. He'd do better getting a cheaper, used starter guitar. Or sticking with the his nice acoustic guitar.

Wednesday and Thursday I made to spend several hours in my old boss's office working on a project. Not fun, and very hard to understand. I had made so much headway cleaning off my desk, but now it is messy again. Also got extra work dumped on me for Monday's month end.

Hamburgers and French fries Thursday night. Will played golf with David Norman. Anna went to art. Ceil and Matthew went to Perimeter Mall. I worked late.

Saturday I'm attending a focus group down at the Coca-Cola Headquarters about the Coke Freestyle machines, where you can mix your own soft drink from over 100 combinations. Should be interesting. The bad thing about those Coke machines is that they run out of certain drinks/flavors, like lemonade or cherry (two of my favorites).

Reid grew up was about a block north of where Piedmont crosses Peachtree in Buckhead. I remember when there used to be houses there, and a gas station on the corner where Rooms to Go is now, with a car dealership across the street where Bricktops is now. We used to drive up Lenox Road from 85, and there were house the entire way up to a much smaller Lenox Square.

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