Monday, June 02, 2014

Baby Kimbrel

Did you get to see "Baby Kimbrel" on Saturday or Sunday? Looks like Shae Simmons is here to stay, adding even more pitching depth to the bullpen. Kimbrel tied Smoltz's franchise record for saves. LaStella was batting .400 without a strikeout. BJ is making contact. Gattis leads NL catchers (& Brian McCann) in homers. Teheran is dominant. Alex Wood gets another win in relief. The Braves swept the pesky Marlins. Times are good.

When Shae Simmons was activated on May 31, did that mess with his service time? Two years ago the Braves were so careful to wait until June to call up Andrelton, it made me wonder. Perhaps with all the money from the new ballpark, is Wren not being as careful these days? You’d think the Braves had already spent all that money, with all the extensions to Kimbrel, Johnson, Andrelton, and Freeman. Perhaps it is a Simmons thing.

Should Uggla be moved, will Pastornicky be recalled, or Terdo/Cunningham? Terdo can play first or outfield. Either should be a pinch-hitting improvement over Uggla. Schafer plays so little – someone wondered if he was in the doghouse. Freeman has played every game, except for when his eyes were bothering him. That was the thing about Prince Fielder going down – he had the longest games played streak in the majors.

What do you think about the NBA Finals matchup? Does San Antonio have a chance? I'll be rooting for the Spurs. Would OKC have had a better chance of beating Miami? Hate to miss the Durant/James battle. 

Friday afternoon at ten til five a co-worker asked for help, so I didn't leave until 5:20. Had to mail a package, then backtracked to Cheeseburger Bobby's to get their grilled chicken sandwich special. Not bad. Took my time getting home.

Saturday Will and MC worked in the yard all day, planting flowers in the front and grass in the back. I did laundry and cleaned downstairs, including the kitchen. Also took my car in for an oil change. Later Joel came over and they cooked burritos – very good. Then Will tried to fry battered plantains and made a mess. Joel took over and did a better job, but neither could produce a tasty plaintain. I cleaned the kitchen again, then we watched Walter Mitty. Will didn't like it, but MC and I did.

Sunday W and MC went to Will's church in Athens. I went to North Point and watched the Braves. During the game I was able to iron ten dress shirts. Then I ran out of spray starch. Waxed my car, and later dropped it off at the shop in Roswell for service.

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