Friday, May 09, 2014


That Georgia State University Stadium plan looks great – and expensive. Where will all that money come from? Not sure why they’d need to cut off the east end of Turner Field. Might as well leave it alone and let it wrap around the south end zone. A small baseball stadium using that huge concrete wall would be cool. They could plant ivy or something, or at least paint it. Much bigger than the Green Monster. That wall wasn’t the outfield wall in Atlanta Stadium, of course, but rather an interior wall from the old stadium. And the Hank Aaron marker could remain. I hear that when they tore down old Forbes Field in Pittsburgh they left part of the old brick outfield wall as part of a building, and you can still see it.

The small baseball stadium would be right where the old Atlanta Stadium diamond was – using that big blue wall as the outfield fence. Turner Field would become the football stadium, using the existing third base side for the west stands and the first base stands as the south end zone stands. A smaller east stands would be built for the visiting team. Looks like they’d build a parking deck just north of the baseball field, on the blue lot where we parked last week. Lots of other new buildings in the plan as well. Looks real expensive. My accountant friend doesn’t think they have the athletic revenue to pull it off.

TUESDAY: Took my time getting home. Ceil cooked spaghetti with meat sauce, spinach, and pasta salad. Helped Matthew get started writing a poem. Weird rhyming format – two lines had to be repeated several times throughout the 19 line poem. Once he got started he whizzed through it by himself. Both Anna and Matthew had a lot of studying to do, so the TV stayed off. I cleaned the kitchen.

Braves win! The Braves added another new pitcher, who only gave up one run. Several hits by the offense, but few were strung together in the same inning. It’s not the Braves that strike out a lot – almost every other team has the same problem. The Cardinals are one of the few small ball teams, and maybe the Giants. If you try to play small ball with a team comprised of free swingers, it’s not going to work. Most teams have problems on offense when they face Wainwright. There is talk of bring up LaStella from Gwinnett in early June, where he is tearing up AAA pitching. Still, his stats aren’t as great as Tyler Pastornicky’s were.

The murdered/kidnapped elderly couple in Putman County don’t live far from George O’Leary on the lake. Then yesterday someone docked a boat at their dock (they probably ran out of gas). Ben Rothlisberger’s house is nearby as well. Today we learned that Mandi, one of our young sales reps, was in the bar in Milledgeville when Big Ben got into trouble. Ben had asked Mandi and her friend to come back to his private party room, but they turned him down. Mandi’s boyfriend had been playing in the Cardinals organization. The Cardinals don’t strike out a lot. It all ties together - Yadier Molina is the killer. 
WEDNESDAY: Ceil and Anna went to art, so I stopped by Kroger for frozen pizza for Matthew. I watched the Braves and a few other shows. Actually got up and ran this morning. Thursday I’m going to a focus group about politics. If I do well they’ll film me for a commercial. Perhaps my acting career will finally kick off.

THURSDAY: Ceil cooked burgers before leaving for a play. Matthew’s longtime friend Daniel was playing the lead in Willie Wonka. Oglethorpe basketball player Connor Smith’s younger brother played Charlie.

Acting career back on hold. Went to a focus group about political issues. After a short discussion I was picked for the next phase – a clip of me talking might be part of a nationwide commercial. They said I was the type person they were looking for: They would call me about what time to report back Friday or Saturday for filming. I would be paid more money. Then they never called. Probably a good thing. They never said who or what candidate or political party they represent. My words could have been twisted and made me look foolish. I might’ve sold my soul.

This weekend I go to Athens to help Will move out. Could take all day. He gets to leave some of his stuff at his new rented house.

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