Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Video

When Anna and Will were over at the Normans on Sunday night they made a video of the four Norman boys singing. Anna and David's fiancé sang backup and Will shot the video. You can watch it here:

Tuesday Will's longtime high school classmates Joel Norman and Kara Arps came over to visit. Joel stayed for supper. 

Second straight strong starting pitching performance AND offensive outburst for the Braves Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning there wasn't much going on at work. At lunch my new boss asked me to help Brad with his overwhelming Catipillar account. Afterward lunch I got a call to help fix a problem in the other building. While there my phone started ringing, and I was swamped with problems and emergencies the rest of the afternoon. Didn't leave until 5:45, worn out both mentally and physically.

Stopped by Kroger on the way home. Ceil cooked fixings for burritos – another dinner with all five family members. Will planted some covering plants at the end of the driveway, and M cut the grass. Anna helped with the dishes. Watched some of the Braves and some of the American Idol finale. Went to bed at ten.

790 dropped all local sports programming. I didn't see any names that 680 should pick up, except Tony Barnhart and Wes Durham. When they get together they lighten up and have a good time. Mike Bell is funny but often crude. Perhaps 680 will find someone to replace Perry. I've never listened to that new sports talk station.

Gave up reading a book about FDR and the Supreme Court. Just couldn't get into it, though I did learn a little. Probably should've stuck with it. Today I started Things That Matter, a book by Fox News correspondent Charles Krauthammer. A compilation of his Washington Post columns. Pretty good so far.

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