Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sales by MLB Team

Since I’ve been on EBay I have sold items for every MLB team except four: Angels, Diamondbacks, Rays, and Tigers. I have items from those four teams that I can offer to sell. Also have a bunch of old MLB souvenir batting helmets I need to sell – at least twenty. Not sure how well any of the old caps would sell. Many have shrunk in size.

Angels: unsold halo cap, unsold helmet
Astros: flatbill cap, unsold melba jersey
Athletics: road jersey, green terrycloth jersey
Blue Jays: minor league jersey
Braves: pullover, Gwinnett cap, bobbleheads, jerseys, tee
Brewers: throwback jacket
Cardinals: McGwire jersey, pullover, Musial jersey, Fredbird
Cubs: navy jersey, tee, unsold jersey
Diamondbacks: unsold helmet
Dodgers: home jersey
Giants: seal mascot, unsold tee
Indians: Belle jersey, home jersey, mascot
Mariners: Ichiro jersey, navy BP jersey
Marlins: two teal jerseys
Mets: all-star jersey
Nationals: pullover
Orioles: orange BP jersey
Padres: brown Winfield jersey
Phillies: green jersey, throwback tee, mascot
Pirates: Veracruz jersey
Rangers: tee
Rays: unsold soft ball
Red Sox: Starter jacket, unsold jersey
Reds: road jersey, throwback jersey, mascot
Rockies: all-star jersey
Royals: BP jersey, Monarchs jersey
Tigers: unsold jersey, unsold helmet
Twins: home jersey
White Sox: black MJ jersey, BP jersey
Yankees: navy BP jersey, Jeter tee

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