Thursday, September 11, 2014

Adventures with the Film Crew

Last Wednesday afternoon two focus group guys showed up at the house to interview me on my opinions, feelings, and emotions about eating meals: at home, on the go, and in restaurants. A two hour interview, then we hopped in the car to pick up take-out at Chipotle and El Porton. A few weeks ago I had submitted hastily done homework videos, which they said were better than most that were turned in. The guys were good company, and hopefully the time wasn’t a waste for them. Pretty interesting and fun. Shared some of Reid’s dining stories as well.

Ceil was happy to get out of the way. She drove A and M downtown to pick up a certain calendar that Anna needed. That stuck them in afternoon traffic going back to Sandy Springs. Anna hopped out at art. A famished Matthew gobbled up a Slamburger, which he rarely eats. Back home Ceil met the film crew and ate her Chipotle burrito bowl while I downed my burrito from El Porton. Later I picked up Anna.

I was slammed last week and didn’t write much. One co-worker had taken off the Friday before Labor Day and Tuesday after, and another co-worker took off Thursday and Friday. Also hit with projects from my boss and the GM. Was still able to leave work at 3:40 Friday afternoon with a relatively clean desk.

My father was admitted to the hospital Wednesday afternoon with pneumonia. With my co-worker out I knew I couldn’t drive down to Macon until Friday after work. Made it around 285 west before traffic got too bad. Picked up my mom at 5:30 and in dad’s hospital room by 6:20. We stayed until 11:20. Saturday morning I raked the driveway. My dad was released at noon, and I followed him home in my car. Watched the Tech/Tulane game after tripping to Kroger for prescriptions. Arrived back in East Cobb just before Ceil, Matthew, and Sarah returned from Joel and Isaac’s coffee shop concert.

Sunday I was worn out. Looking back, I’d been on the go the entire month of August without much of a break. Finally crashed on Sunday. Cleaned upstairs and chronicled by Coke bottle collection with hopes of selling it: 26 six-packs, 16 individual bottles, and 2 toys. Later I watched parts of the Braves and Falcons (& 49ers/Dallas). Also packaged five bobblehead/eBay shipments.

Busy Tuesday. Work was crazy, and a vendor showed up unannounced at 11 am. At noon we had a surprise lunch wedding shower for new employee Amanda. Left work at 3:30 to take M and a friend to the Kings of Leon concert down at the Lakewood Amphitheater. On the drive down I spent most of the time on the phone for work. Didn’t hit downtown until after 4:30, but traffic was surprisingly light. Dropped them off not long after five.

Drove back up to Little Five Points for nine holes of golf at Chandler Park. When we lived in Morningside I played there a lot, but I rarely get down there any more. They’ve really fixed up the place. Great exercise. Afterwards I hung out at a nearby Moes. I wasn’t hungry, since I ate Matthew’s leftover Taco Bell burrito. I just bought a soft drink and worked on eBay for two hours. Then I drove back to Lakewood, found a parking spot, and listened to the Braves game and end of the concert while watching people walk back to their cars.  We beat most of the traffic back to the highway, and made it home before midnight.

Yesterday morning I attended a dad’s meeting at M’s school in Alpharetta, and drug into work at 8:30.

I hate it when people call me Forrest Gump.

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