Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kitti's Blogging Tips

Kitti Murray’s Ten Blogging Helps for the Serious Writer, a recent post at

1. Get your why in place. Needs to be more than just self-expression.
2. Get educated. Read a book, take a class, join a group. Learn.
3. Get into good literature. If you read junk, you’ll write junk. Best to read both fiction and non-fiction.
4. Get a process. Hers include index cards and the dining room table.
5. Get ahead, if you want to post regularly. I’ve gotten better about this.
6. Get some margin. Good writing happens in a vacuum, not chaos.
7. Get a few cheap writing tricks in your bag. Hers include reading everything out loud and varying sentence lengths.
8. Get feedback – but choose wisely.
9. Get serious about what you won’t allow. Hers include exclamation points, disclaimers, and making it all about me. If I did this, my blog would be much shorter! (Darn it, I just broke the exclamation point rule.)
10. Get to the truth, and don’t veer from it.

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