Saturday, September 06, 2014

Most Relevant Teams?

Another inaccurate list from – the 25 “most relevant” college football programs. Several obvious errors. These are their rankings, with my comments.

25. Missouri: the SEC East Champs should be higher
24. Miami: higher than Missouri?
23. UCLA: as relevant as USC
22. OK State: gave FSU a scare
21. Baylor: the Oregon of the South should be higher
20. Michigan: higher than Baylor?
19. Penn State: higher than Baylor? Should be #25 at best.
18. Stanford: should be Georgia Tech’s role model
17. Wisconsin: put a whoopin’ on LSU
16. Clemson: more relevant than Badgers, but would lose to them
15. Michigan State: ok
14. USC: more relevant than UCLA?
13. South Carolina: ok
12. Georgia: more relevant than several ranked higher
11. Notre Dame: tradition & TV keep Irish ranked high
10. Oklahoma: ok
9. Texas A&M: below UGA without Manziel
8. Florida: should be below UGA
7. Texas: should be below UGA
6. Auburn: more relevant than Ohio State
5. LSU: slightly less relevant than Auburn
4. Oregon: correct
3. Ohio State: ranked too high even before the VT loss
2. FSU: correct
1. Alabama: easy #1 choice

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