Friday, September 12, 2014

For the Fun of It

As much as I like golf, 54 holes would kill me. Chandler Park has a few hills, but no golf carts. Walking only. It only has nine holes, and five or six of them are par threes. I do need to get in “golf shape.” There is a chance I’ll be invited to the EZGo vendor day tourney this fall. I kinda want to go, but I’m so bad it would be embarrassing. Couple of months ago I brought an old golf club to work to lean behind my desk. A co-worker brought a golf ball, which is a recipe for disaster. I’ll get the blamed for the goof-offs.

I used to play a lot of putt putt. There may be a course still open on 575 at Barrett Parkway. I could handle 54 holes of putt putt, just not real golf. Wayne Price got me hooked on putt putt in college. He was so cool in his gold Grand Am with the T top. When we’d play putt putt he would grab his own putter from the trunk. I used to take dates to play. Mrytle Beach has so many putt putt courses, but when the sun goes down they’re jammed with tourists waiting to play every hole. During the day its too hot to play, but every now and then I’d drag the kids out to play. Will and I would get the “all you can putt for 24 hours” deal, then play several rounds in the morning, then go back late in the afternoon or night for more. Matthew like to go play, and sometimes Anna as well. My real golf putting is better thanks to all those rounds of putt putt.

We played a course in Myrtle Beach where the “World Championships” were held. There were slopes and curves, but no windmills or dinosaur mouths to hit through. Very little of that these days. I would drive down Highway 17 past the putt putt places and look for the colored golf balls on the side of the road where people hit them wrong.

Bryant Wright is preaching a good series on the end times. Missed last week, but a friend gave me an update on “who is the anti-Christ?” His answer – after the rapture Europe will unite and increase in power, with a demonic leader. My take: since Europe is becoming more and more Muslim, that leader will be a radical Islamist. Earlier Bryant reminded us what Jesus said about the end times – to fear not when nation rises up against nation. There’s still a lot of prophecy that needs to play out before the anti-Christ appears. My friends are out of town this weekend, so I might have to go or watch on line.

Saw Sycamore Row at Kroger. I need to reserve a copy at the library. Almost finished with “Ike’s Bluff.” Next is a Joel Rosenberg non-fiction book. Joel says the President is headed in the right direction concerning the ISIS threat, but is wrong about ISIS not being religious or Islamic.

So many people are saying that Georgia Southern will beat Tech that if it happens, it won’t be an upset. A co-worker who spends more time on his football picks than actual work says the Eagles “will hang 50” on the Jackets. He’s a Georgia Southern grad. I say they won’t.
Worked til six Wednesday night. Traffic is bad because the lights on Holcomb Bridge aren’t  synched. Had spaghetti and meatballs and salad. A was at art and M had homework. He needed quiet, so I went upstairs and fell asleep at nine. Woke up at 11 out of a deep sleep, and I felt like I had a full night’s sleep. Cleaned the kitchen and packaged two eBay items, and went back to bed. Was tired and sore from playing golf. Bottom of foot is still sore. Good thing I didn’t wake up early and exercise.

Terrible day at work Thursday. My co-worker had lots of problems finally hit the fan. Then he had a doctor’s appointment right when an action plan was due. Two managers were out of town. The GM was tied up with another customer. That just left me. Some team, huh? But I submitted the action plan by the noon deadline without any help – and had it picked apart. The afternoon conference call was more of the same. My co-worker just dug himself a bigger hole. I spent the rest of the day helping him with his problem parts. Went through twice the regular number of emails (by 9 am Friday I’d already been through half my normal number of daily emails). Though I told him he should phone in his update, my co-worker submitted an email update and left shortly after five. The update turned out to be unsatisfactory. I worked past 7 pm, and was the last one to leave the office complex. Put in another 10-1/2 hours on Friday.

C and M also had a bad day. Sarah’s dad got a new job, and the family will be moving out of town. Went to Willys to eat. Got back after nine and worked on the computer. C watched Project Runway. Anna went to a Grace youth event.

Teams. It would be tough playing on a small market team who tries to squeeze everything possible out of a low-budget payroll. There are a few good players and other players cast off from the better teams. The good players shoulder the load and get criticized when the team stumbles, though little is done to strengthen the team around them. When a good player voices his frustration, he is reprimanded for not being a team player, instead of listened to and encouraged for wanting to improve the team.
The Ray Rice story is the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated. Adrian Peterson is arrested for spanking his children. The country we live in.

Ever go to those new outlets in Woodstock? We only went to that outlet once. Lots of shoes stores, and a Columbia store.

I am a tag watcher. Hadn’t seen the Appalachian Trail tag until recently. Also like that yellow flower tag, and the Trust for Historic Preservation tag with the old building on it.

I asked John Parkes if he was going down to McDonough to sing in Condra’s choir. He hadn’t heard the news, but he said he might.

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