Friday, September 05, 2014

Ten "Iconic" College Unis, which must be the Bleacher Report of college sports, ranked the “Ten Most Iconic College Football Uniforms.” Other than the fact that the word iconic is completely overused (particularly when describing Florida’s unis), the website at least came close. Here are their rankings, along with my honorable mentions and comments…
My Honorable Mentions:
16. UCLA: deserves mention. Has gone downhill.
15. Texas A&M: simple but unique.
14. Georgia: I like the round numbers.
13. Clemson: more “iconic” than Florida.
12. Auburn: a great uni.
11. Oklahoma: should be in top 10, maybe even top 5
10. USC: Should be higher?
9. Florida: not iconic – these threads are from the 80’s
8. LSU: justified selection.
7. Ohio State: justified pick, except the Pro Combat alt
6. Nebraska: Too plain. Stepping off the ledge in 2014
5. Texas: Should be higher?
4. Michigan: Justified selection.
3. Notre Dame: Justified, save the alternates.
2. Penn State: Deserves a spot in top 10. Need grey masks
1. Alabama: Undisputed number one.

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