Monday, September 29, 2014

Lousy Weekend

Lousy weekend. In meetings and conference calls almost all day, so I worked until almost 8 pm Friday night. Still didn't get caught up. Ceil had been running around all day and had a headache, so we went to El Porton with Matthew. Anna spent the night at Brittany's.

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs until 11:30. Also snapped some photos for eBay. The SEC version of College GameDay was in Athens, and Will was in the crowd. Watched the end of College GameDay and the UGA/Tennessee game. Saw Will in one of the crowd shots. Was in a funk all Saturday because of work being so overwhelming. No relief in sight.

Ceil and Anna went to Perimeter Mall shopping for shoes. After the game I drove Matthew up to meet Sarah. On the way home I got a new cell phone case at WalMart, things for the house at Home Depot, a snack at Taco Bell, and a pair of Columbia PFG shorts at Value Village. Washed the Civic when I got home. Ceil cooked chicken pasta for dinner. Watched the Braves/Phillies and SC/Missouri and posted some old football helmets on eBay. Little interest so far. Later I picked up M in Roswell, and mailed three eBay packages.

Sunday morning I cleaned more and knocked out several loads of laundry. Listened to another Bryant Wright sermon. Ceil and Anna were on the internet watching Caroline Hargreaves compete in a national equestrian event near Washington DC. One of her competitors was Stephen Spielberg's daughter.

While folding clothes I watched Space Jam, the Michael Jordan/Bugs Bunny movie. Ate an egg sandwich that Ceil had fixed, and drove M down to Passion. Watched some of the Braves and less of the Falcons. For all the complaints fans have about the Braves, they're still better than the Falcons. I sneezed most of Sunday, even though I took allergy medicine. Felt terrible. Later I got gas and drove down to pick up Matthew. Went to bed when I got home.

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