Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jeter by the Numbers

Will Jeter receive the first unanimous HOF vote? Probably not, but he could beat Tom Seaver’s record for the highest percentage ever. This year Jeter tied Aaron’s record for most consecutive seasons with at least 150 hits – 17.

SI reports:
3459 hits, the most ever for a shortstop.
Ranks 6th on the all-time hit list.
Eight 200 hit seasons. Only Ichiro, Rose, and Cobb have more.
2671 games at shortstop, the second most all time.
15.7% of Yankee games that Jeter has played in.
0 games at a defensive position other than shortstop.
158 postseason games played, the most all time.
200 postseason hits, the most all time.
.838 career postseason OPS
.817 regular season OPS
1  - number of Derek Jeter bobbleheads that David Murphy is trading for

Wednesday night after Bettancourt’s second ground rule double I was trying to determine what the single game record was. Never found out – not sure that record is kept. I did learn what ‘ground rule double’ means in slang language (as opposed to what ‘ground rule’ means.

Monday night I worked til 6:30 and stopped by Kroger on the way home. Supper was black bean and rice, and salad.

I left work Tuesday and cut over to 85 south down to Clairemont, then straight over to the Square in Decatur in dine with Jeff Yearwood and Harriet, our secretary at the GT BSU. Ate at Ted’s. Had a burger with a fried egg on top. Harriet had a Mexican burger, and Jeff a cheeseburger. Harriet told me Charles Quarles was BSU president at West Georgia – I did not know that. We’ll have to talk about our old BSU days. Today Dock Hollingsworth is speaker at Harriet’s nursing home (at 76, she’s one of the youngest residents).

Yearwood still works up near the Gwinnett Place Mall, and pastors a small church on the weekends down near his hometown of Concord. Decided to only preach from the Gospels. Daughter Jane will be moving to NYC soon. She currently works for Delta in Salt Lake. Jeff’s son Ward lives in DC and just got married. Ward works for the department of Homeland Security. A few years ago before Ward was deployed to Afghanistan Ward talked Jeff into getting tattoos together. Jeff got to pick out the words: “The Lord is my strength.”

Didn’t get home until 10:45 Tuesday night and stayed up late with Matthew.

Work has been a killer lately, almost as bad as the killer year of 2008. Called on to do so much and sit in on so many meetings that there’s no time to do my own job. Literally twice as many emails and phone calls. Worked until 7:50 Wednesday night after leaving “early” Tuesday  (5:35). Got home, changed clothes, and was sent out to the store to pick up something for a school project. Ceil cooked grits and eggs. Slept well after a restless night of sleep Tuesday night.

Tales from the crypt: Told another great movie story this morning. After losing something for three weeks, it took my friend Shawn all of five minutes to track them down. A couple of other things went our way, and I was reminded of what bad guy Syndrome said in “The Incredibles” when he captured Mr. Incredible’s entire family: “This is tooo good!”  Had the whole office listening in on that one.

Also today my co-worker with all the late parts exclaimed “Man! This is turning into a full time job!” Made me laugh out loud.

And when I mentioned that I would check with someone about something, but couldn’t just then because they were in a meeting, co-worker Wanda piped up and said “They’re not in a meeting – they just called me.” I shushed Wanda and stage whispered “I’m trying to put this off!”

Haley Hurt worked at a restaurant in Seaside this summer. Might’ve been in Water Color or near that Publix near Seaside.

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