Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Last Minute Ted Trip

I'm planning on going to the Wednesday night Braves game. M wants to take his girlfriend Sarah. At 5 pm yesterday the Monday night company seats were offered out. I decided to take them and go swap them out for Wednesday tickets. 

Left Duluth at 5:20 and made it to the Blue Lot just after 6:30. Still plenty of dollar tickets available, so I bought one and went inside to swap the tickets. BP was over, and Johnny and Marshal weren't around. Spotted the Chief, my friend from Kroger. In his element, he was in a talkative move. Decided to stick around in case a no-hitter was thrown. Sat with the former Chickfila manager George, whose baseball-playing daughter was voted onto Kell's homecoming court. Made my exit before Bryce Harper made his, and was home by 8:30. Perhaps Ceil will go with me tomorrow.

The Friday night Star Wars parade will be interesting. Wish I had a storm trooper or Chewbacca costume. I really want a bear costume, though it would be hot.

Loved how the AJC asked whether the Braves should clean house "after one bad year." The way fans bad mouth the team they act like it's been season after season of futility. They don't want to hear that the Braves have the league's best record since 2010 (also the winningest since 1991). One guy said it is a bad season if they don't win the World Series. Guess he doesn't work for a company that cleans house every year they're not the number one company in their industry.

Not sure today was the best day to announce the new stadium name. Anyone saying it should've been named after Hank Aaron hasn't looked around at every other professional sports venue in America. Today's UniWatch posting details how the Mets tried to sneak through a change to their skyline logo, where the rectangular UN Building was modified to look like the trapezoid shaped CitiCorp Building. Fans revolted, and the Mets removed the logo from their social media. Quote: "The Mets can't even sell out correctly."

Chris Johnson: of all the players they extended, his was the most questionable. I do love his desire. At least he admits his batting stroke got messed up after he hit two home runs in one game. Bryce Harper swings like Andrelton – all out on every pitch. Pete Rose didn't do that, though Harper considers himself a home run hitter. So many of the announcers these days are saying the players are swinging for home runs when instead they need to be shortening their swings and making more contact. Isn't that what you're supposed to do when you're in a slump?

The game-worn store had the numbered white feather jerseys and 1969 grey jerseys for $200.00.

ROB: Glad you are still going to games and have not jumped off the bandwagon.  Should be a pretty light crowd Friday night - even with it being Star Wars night.

I have not studied the 2015 schedule very closely yet.  I do know both the players and management will look different. I believe these last 2 weeks have sealed Wren and Fredi's fate.  In the upcoming weeks, people will be talking about the franchise falling into disrepair.  However the team will enter 2015 with a rotation core of Teheran, Minor and Wood, with Kimbrel in the pen.  You can build around good young pitching.

I think BJ will be a Cub - some type of deal involving BJ and some cash for Edwin Jackson.  Jackson has a bad contract, but he can eat innings at the back of a rotation.

ME: Saturday morning I heard Ceil answer my cell phone. Bryan Coley was calling, wondering if Matthew and I wanted to go to the Tour Championship with he and Houston. It would've been great to see the golfers and hang out with Bryan, but I was headed out to a funeral and couldn't. Sunday night I was watching the Ken Burns PBS special of the Roosevelts and realized Bryan reminded me of Burns.

I missed most of the Tech game, as the funeral lasted well over an hour. Interesting service at the Catholic church – like a regular service with just a couple of rememberances of the desceased. A son spoke, and the head priest had a few thoughts as well. Gene had been a choir member for fifty years. A choir member stood up and said that Gene had often re-written verses of hymns, and the choir sand a re-written version of "Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee." The words were hard to distinguish, but they sounded funny. Holy Communion was served. Two current co-workers attended (Frisbee and Beard). Also three retirees (Ed Hayes, Joe Moyer, and my first boss Bill Robinson). Also former employee Perkins. My third funeral in three months.

Worked til 5:30 Friday afternoon. Will didn't get home until ten. I watched the Braves. C and M went to Target. Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs and snapped some photos for eBay. Made it home from the funeral for the end of the Tech game. Watched the Georgia game with Will and Ceil. C cooked breaded chicken and tilapia. I posted on eBay. Sold an old UGA jersey for a decent price. More sold monday and Tuesday night.

Will left early Sunday for his church in Athens. I took more photos and listened to a Bryant Wright sermon. Watched some of the Braves and Falcons and read my Zimmer book. C and M got caught in traffic on GA 400. Noticed fluid leaking from my car, and had to leave it at the shop Monday morning. Turned out to be a loose oil plug.

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