Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Braves Bobbleheads

Notable 2017 bobblehead games throughout the Southeast, plus a few others around the country. Taken from the long list of bobblehead games I am compiling. Games I’m considering are in red.
With spring training in full swing and opening day approaching, I’m getting more excited about SunTrust Park. Wish I could win tickets to the March 31 Yankees exhibition. There’s a chance I could go anyway. I’ll be out of town for the home opener, the Rome bobblehead, the Matt Kemp bobblehead, and just miss the Heyward bobblehead at the beach. Kevin owes me some bobbles so this is the year to cash in.    
I don’t want to pay $18.00 for parking, so I’ll have to figure out where to park. Costco? Sports Authority? Pappasitos? Perhaps I’ll take John Parkes to the Friday bobblehead games with me. Kevin will have a ticket for him. My sister and brother-in-law can come as long as they arrive before 4 pm.
So far this year I’ve struck out on UGA bobbleheads. One more remains – a guy I’ve never heard of. Not sure I want to fork out $15.00 to see the Dawgs play in SunTrust Park, though I’d like to get over there to buy my tickets at the box office to avoid the $4.00 Ticketmaster fee. Hopefully I can use my free GasSouth tickets to get the Freeman bobblehead. With bobbles being given out both August 25 and 26 I might have to miss the Middleton reunion this year.
On March 25 I’ll be attending a season-ticketholder open house at SunTrust Park, which should be fun. The Gwinnett bobbles look good. Too bad Knucksie isn't in a vintage uniform. 

12.31 SAT UNCC Mark Price (traded for).
2.11 SAT GT BBall Matt Harpring BH
2.19 SAT UGA Kelly & Coco Miller double BH
2.25 SAT UGA Kentavious Caldwell Pope BH
3.11 SAT UGA Gymdogs Lucy Wener BH
3.25 SAT SunTrust Park open house noon-4pm
3.31 FRI Braves first game at SunTrust Park
4.07 FRI Columbia Fireflies stadium replica
4.08 SAT UGA vs Mizzou at SunTrust Park
4.14 FRI Braves inaugural game ticket
4.21 FRI UGA Jeff Keppinger BH 7 pm 1000 (Anna)
5.05 FRI Braves tomahawk cap giveaway
5.06 SAT Braves Star Wars Day (bobblehead?)
5.13 SAT Gwinnett Sean Kazmar Star Wars BH
5.13 SAT Rome Braves replica jersey
5.13 SAT Syracuse (NY) Chiefs Deion Sanders BH
5.19 FRI ATL “Game Ender” Inciarte Wall Catch BH
5.19 FRI Rome Braves Bobble Trophy
5.27 SAT Brooklyn Cyclones Marla Hooch BH
6.03 SAT Rome Braves championship ring (maybe)
6.09 FRI Braves Bartolo Colon BH
6.10 SAT Gwinnett Rico Ruiz Superhero BH
6.16 FRI Braves Dansby Swanson w/life like locks
6.24 SAT St Paul Saints Bill Murray Kevin Millar double BH
6.27 TUE Charlotte Knights stadium replica
6.30 FRI Pearl Braves Dansby Swanson BH
7.01 SAT Pearl Braves Ozzie Albies BH
7.01 SAT Jacksonville Vince Coleman Raines HS BH
7.08 SAT Rome Randy Ingle BH: I’ll be on vacation.
7.14 FRI Braves Matt Kemp BH: I’ll be on vacation.
7.15 SAT Myrtle Beach talking Jason Heyward BH: I’ll miss by a day.
7.22 SAT Gwinnett Phil Neikro BH
7.29 SAT Syracuse (NY) Chiefs Bobby Cox BH
8.04 FRI Braves giveaway TBA
8.06 SUN Chattanooga used car giveaway
8.06 SUN Smokies mystery BH
8.13 SUN Brewers Bob Uecker “get outta here!” Magic 8-ball (trade)
8.18 FRI Braves Hank Aaron statue replica
8.19 SAT Birmingham Carson Palmer BH
8.25 FRI Braves Freddie Freeman BH
8.26 SAT Gwinnett Tony Schiavone & his Chihuahua BH
9.02 SAT Jacksonville Main Street bobble bridge
9.22 FRI Braves giveaway TBA

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