Thursday, March 02, 2017

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While I won’t get my hopes up, at least someone says the Braves could be a dark horse to win the NL East. Says Swanson, Freeman, Inciarte, and Teheran provide a solid core, lumping 2016 standouts Kemp and Markakis in with veterans Dickey, Colon, Suzuki, Phillips, Garcia, Recker, Flowers, Foltynewicz, and others. 

Forget the projections. In Major League Baseball, any team can come out of nowhere to surprise everyone. So for 2017, we took a look at each division and chose teams that might shock us all -- even if we'll say we say it coming all along.
I’ve noticed younger Jeopardy players play the game differently than older players. Back in the day players might run down the same category from top to bottom (smallest amount to largest) – an almost gentlemanly style. Now younger players start with the bottom clues (with the highest dollar values) and work upward to the lower values. An article suggests one reason is an effort to uncover the daily double quicker, which are thought to reside amongst the higher valued clues.

Jeopardy! champ Arthur Chu, who won big money while taking heat for his renegade style, has been defeated. Chu finished in third place with zero dollars on ...
Like many C-List celebrities, Bill Nye continues to claw his way back into the public eye. Except these days he’s getting exposed for what he is: a sham. While Ken Ham remained civil in his debate with Nye, Tucker Carlson pulled off the gloves, reminding Nye that popular opinion and consensus does not equal scientific proof. Nye said climate change opponents should be jailed. The Daily Wire listed the entertainer’s repeated scientific missteps:
Oscar winner Viola Davis continues to receive flack for her self-important acceptance speech:
Monday: C had a long day at school. Didn’t get home until six. I took my time going home. Left before six and stopped three times, including Dollar Tree. C cooked breaded chicken, a little bit of rice, and salad. Wheel was teen night. On Jeopardy the grad student won with a low score for the fourth straight time. Premiere of The Voice. I think they coach those trying out to keep retelling their story when pain is involved. They struck gold with the lesbian daughter kicked out of the house by her pastor father. Far be it for the show to orchestrate a reconciliation – now that would make good TV.
Tuesday: no leftovers for lunch. Missed out on the guys hitting the BBQ joint, so I settled for a Chickfila sandwich. Did you stay up for the Tech game? C wanted to go to bed first because I’ve been snoring more, but I still went to bed early. Wheel. Four time Jeopardy champ Kirsten Cutts lost. The Middle wasn’t on so we watched The Voice, then the President’s speech.
Supper was cheese grits, eggs, toast, turkey bacon, and pancakes. Had leftover this morning for breakfast. Nothing to bring for lunch, so I told the guys to count me in today. Went with young Alex and younger Ben to the Duluth Diner. They go out to lunch every day so I knew they’d pick someplace good. I had a club sandwich with turkey. A little dry but otherwise good. Alex had a patty melt and Ben had a fried egg burger.
No meeting at JFBC so I’m driving up to Cumming for the Hot Stove meeting.  With pizza on the tonight’s menu, it’s a good thing I’ve worked out three straight days.
Not many regulars played in the Honda Classic last week. I haven’t seen my man Ryan Moore all year. You see how much I’ve been paying attention to golf. I’d better start studying for the Masters. Perhaps this is the year Ryan Moore contends in all four rounds. Saw where Fred Couples is getting his game together. Maybe he can make a run. Doubtful I’ll get tickets again this year.
I’ve got to get back to reading more of the Ken Follett books. I’ll be reading the new John Grisham book soon. Also an Al Michaels book.
Guess y’all heard about Drew Kelly’s mother passing away, up in Charlotte.
GT needs a scorer. Maybe the coach will recruit one. Notre Dame was supposed to be good this year, so was it bad for GT to lose to them?
Just read the Sports Illustrated article about Purdue’s All-American power forward, who worked to transform himself from a 360 pound 13 year-old in the projects to a potential NBA first-rounder.
From the Maravich article in USA Today:: Creighton’s Doug McDermott played one more season (63 more games), shot 274 three-pointers (to none for Maravich), yet was outscored by Maravich by 517 points. Pete’s average per game was double McDermott’s average. rank
3667 000  083   3   1 44.2 Maravich
3150 274  145   4   5 21.7 McDermott
The New Orleans Marriott was right across the street from the Superdome. I stayed there back on New Year’s Eve 1983/1984 when I went to the Michigan / Auburn Sugar Bowl. Pat Dye / Bo Shembeckler / Bo Jackson. Back then it was impossible to buy gear for any school that wasn’t local. So I bought a Michigan sweatshirt. Wore it for years.
Those complicated Lego structures would make for a good hobby. The Star Wars spaceships could be hung from the ceiling. Eventually one could have their own Lego Land man cave. I probably wouldn’t have the patience to put one together with a young grandchild. Would Megan and Liza want to put one together with you? Or would they be too old?
Next time you’re at The Silver Sands outlets you need to check out the Cole Hahn Zerogrand Wingtips. Supposed to be the most comfortable shoes made. Coworker has knee and hip problems, and says these shoes are a big help.
Good episode of Big Bang last night with guests Wil Wheaton and Brent Spiner. Sheldon told the story of how Wil became one of his 61 mortal enemies.  
The new ice machine is way too slow, but the ice is great. Shaved so thin we ought to make snowcones. My last couple of months in high school the newspaper staff sold snowcones to raise money. I was the sports editor / sportswriter / cartoonist / artist. Every afternoon we’d drive over to the nearby ice company to get the ice, then sell the flavored snowcones out on the back parking lot. I had always parked near the gym or in the teacher parking lot by the band room, and never knew about the world of the back parking lot. Probably a good thing.

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