Sunday, March 26, 2017

More SunTrust Photos

More SunTrust Park photos: those that didn't make the first cut.
The protective netting shows up in this shot.
Walking up the rise from the left field gate to the 1st Base Gate.
Looking southeast from the upper deck, at Buckhead highrises.
A Braves employee (light blue shirt) snaps a picture.
The Chop House Gate. Photo stolen from Michael.
View from the steps from the 3rd Base Gate looking toward left field.
 Another shot of the indoor batting cage,
as seen from the exclusive SunTrust Club.
 "Art" in the Below the Chop.
 Water element in the batters eye.
When a Brave homers, waters shoots into the air.
 The cows pass by the steps to the Home Depot Clubhouse.
 Art inside the Home Depot Clubhouse.
 Hard to see, but the information center window
is filled with photos of old Braves players.
 "Entrance" to the Monument Garden.
SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta
aren't the only construction projects in Cobb County.
A few miles north, renovation on the Big Chicken continues.
If you missed yesterday's post, more pictures can be seen here.

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