Monday, March 27, 2017

The Next Ted Williams?

Q: The Cubs’ Kris Bryant is the second player in MLB history to hit 60 homers and win a World Series in his first two years in the big leagues. Who was the first?
Bryant played on the same Little League team with Bryce Harper. Years later they would go on to win back to back MVP’s. The Sports Illustrated baseball issue profiled Bryant, drawing comparisons between Bryant and Williams, and DiMaggio. These past eight years have been good to Bryant:
2010 high school salutatorian
2011 college freshman all-American
2012 college all-American
2013 college player of the year
2014 minor league player of the year
2015 NL rookie of the year
2016 NL MVP
2017 married his high school sweetheart
Q: What two teams turned down home court advantage in this years men's NIT ???
I  remember back when first round NCAA losers could get in the NIT. Interesting that Madison Square Garden hosts both the NCAA and NIT. Back in the 80’s I think UNC men and women both made the NCAA Final Four. I think disgraced Olympic track star Marion Jones played on that UNC women’s basketball team. UNC played well on Sunday. That was a good game. SC played tough. Wonder how much familiarity with Florida was a factor. SC fans went crazy. Clemson fans watched, hoping they’d lose. Going into the games I was 9th in at bracket challenge for the Roswell Taco Mac location. Coworker Chris was first at the Smyrna location and 6th overall.
WEEKEND: Didn’t do much Friday night. More leftovers. Last Man Standing. Got a text from work. Parts were needed first thing Monday, so I had to make a few phone calls to work that out.
Cleaned up a little Saturday morning then headed out to an Open House at SunTrust Park. It’s 99% finished but that one percent are lots of little things. Took 150 pictures. When the gates opened I headed to the upper deck to check on the views, which are nice. Took a tour and pretty much checked out the whole place. Had my first Coke and hot dog. Had my picture taken with legendary usher Walter Banks. Saw several friends: Katie, Jonathan, Corrine, Michael, Bobby, Chris, Danny, the teacher from Gainesville, Matt and his parents, and others. Missed Crazy Darrell and Norman.
Afterward I drove up Cobb Parkway and stopped by four stores on the way home. Was tired and sore: my red Nike Air Maxes had a blowout, so I was basically limping around all day. Changed shoes and raked the front yard, but it was too dark afterwards to cut the grass. Spent the evening editing and posting pictures from the day. Watched the NFL Network: Ken Stabler and Steve Young.
Sunday I did more cleaning and picture editing. C stopped by Augusta but just missed MC. W&MC are renting out their extra bedroom Masters week for $1,200.00. After basketball C turned on White Collar. Split a burger at Moxie Burger. Arrived at 8:25, not realizing closing time was 8:30. Dropped C at Whole Foods while I gassed up the CRV.
A: Joe DiMaggio
A: Indiana and Illinois.

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