Friday, March 17, 2017

Baskin-Robbins: True Confessions

At Baskin Robbins the low man would have to mop the floor at closing. If a guy was working with a girl the guy would mop, but there weren’t that many female employees. High man would put the money in the safe, wash the dishes, and clean the glass. On winter nights we’d try and have everything done by closing time (10 pm) if possible, even mopping. We’d get paid until 10:30 regardless.
During summer we’d stay open until 11 pm, then clean up. In summer we were busier, so the store would get messier.
Every night when I’d leave I usually took a double dip to eat on the way home. Milkshakes and malts were ok, as were “sundaes” – ice cream with a topping. Wasn’t a fan of too many ingredients put together, like banana splits. The ice cream was so good nothing extra needed to be added.
My favorite flavors: chocolate ribbon, pralines and cream, peanut butter & chocolate, daiquiri ice, English toffee, chocolate chip, chocolate mint chip, peach, peach melba, strawberry. Various flavors with chocolate, caramel, and peanuts, like Tin Roof. I started liking the cheesecake ice creams before I’d ever eaten cheesecake: strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and cherry cheesecake would rotate periodically. Perhaps now I’d like Pistachio ice cream, or at least Pistachio Almond Fudge. Since I wasn’t a coffee drinker I didn’t really like Jamoca, or Jamoca Almond Fudge. Never a big fan of Rocky Road due to the marshmallows. Flavors with a little marshmallow ribbon was ok, as long as it wasn’t too much.
Maconites love black walnut ice cream, though we’d rarely have it. Guess the home office in California didn’t realize the sales potential for this flavor in the South. Customers would have to settle for Butter Pecan.
Pink Bubble Gum ice cream was good, but the real pieces of gum were frozen and hard - until they warmed up in your mouth. You couldn’t eat too much of it because you’d have too much gum in your mouth. We’d call it “Pink Bubblescum” because kids would leave the gum everywhere.
At Chickfila I was glad I opened the store instead of closed. Closers had to mop and clean. When opening I got to cook (and eat) breakfast. 

Cow Fish sounds like a place I need to check out. Last weekend I was going through deleting junk emails and noticed Ruby Tuesday had a burger BOGO on Sunday. We’d eaten out 2 of the past 3 Sundays so I made note. Sure enough Sunday C was tired of chicken since we had it both Friday and Saturday. I suggested Ruby Tuesday, but we really didn’t feel like getting out.
Monday night C cooked spaghetti. Jeopardy, The Voice, and The Middle.
Tuesday M had a doctor’s appointment. Could be a vitamin deficiency. All the caffeine he drinks probably doesn’t help. Afterwards he went to work.
I left work at six. With all the clouds I have yet to notice the difference with the time change. Made one quick stop. Ceil cooked beef tips, rice, and broccoli. The beef was too chewy so I didn’t eat much. Afterwards I packed up the leftovers while C did the dishes. We’re still working through leftovers from last week. I put all of Thursday night’s pizza in the freezer for later. C’s been eating the chicken from Friday night, but there’s still a little left. I put last night’s broccoli in with the chicken. I’ve been eating Saturday night’s burritos for lunch yesterday, today, and tomorrow. There’s also the leftover beef tips and Monday night’s leftover spaghetti.  
In addition to GT/Indiana we watched The Middle and The Voice.
Had a dream I was chaperoning a youth retreat at SPdL.  Tony Korey was wearing a navy blazer, khaki slacks, white dress shirt, and tie. Benjamin Sheffield was wearing a dark tweet suit. Not sure why they were so dressed up, or why Sheffield was on a youth retreat.
Wednesday: just tried to stay warm. Left at five. Stopped by Taco Bell. JFBC for class. Guest teacher was good. Stopped by the library and bank on the way home. The Voice and bed. M worked late.
Coworker Alex sometimes drives a jacked-up monster pickup truck to work. Not sure how he climbs inside. Wednesday afternoon when leaving work he turned the wheel too tight and felt a little bump like he’d run something over. He got out to check. He’d run over something all right: the hood of coworker Julie’s car. $5,000.00 worth of damage.
Things are going well with our team. There are fewer problems to fix. RH is working hard to resolve problems that in the past no one had the time to work on. Young RG and AH are learning and performing tasks, taking work off me. BM is streamlining things and fixing problems that I used to have to fix. Believe it or not there are some things I know that he doesn’t. JH now has more time to work on getting new business. Things aren’t perfect, and we might have excess material down the road (we have some now), but we have ways to address these problems.
Thursday we went out to eat, to Pappasitos again. Split the chicken fajitas and still had some to take home. Both the chicken and the steak just melt in your mouth. Always super crowded, but we didn’t have to wait. Drove around SunTrust Park again. Saw some new pedestrian bridges on the northwest side of the park for the first time. Several roads were blocked. I’ll go back a week from tomorrow to walk around.
Got home at 9:30 and watched the second half of Chicago Med. Flipped around to check on all the games but missed Vandy’s flubs. My voice had been scratchy all day. M met with some of his classmates before work yesterday afternoon. He filled out a bracket.
Today: green-trimmed sneakers and baseball-themed socks never clash on St. Patrick's Day.

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