Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cartoon Man & The Beard

A Sports Illustrated article detailing the resurgence of Houston Rocket James Harden listed as one of the factors Atlanta-based “motivational speaker” Tim Elmore, a frequent guest preacher at North Point. Tim’s specialty is teenagers and parenting. He used to give devotionals during children’s church as “Tim the Cartoon Man” and seek out celebrities on airplanes to discuss their faith. 
Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni used to coach the Suns, Knicks, and Lakers. The Rockets lead the NBA in three-pointers made and attempted. D’Antoni thinks the number of three-pointers will continue to increase. Is this a good thing? Yet the pick and roll is the most common set in the NBA, and no one uses it more efficiently than the Rockets James Harden.
I’m hearing rumors of a new professional 3 on 3 basketball league for older players. Allen Iverson and Charles Oakley will be player coaches. Other coaches include Dr. J and George Gervin. You’d think Michael Jordan would be all over this, but I know his knees aren’t too good.

680 is giving out tickets to the March 31 Braves Yankees game. Register at and listen to win. They call out names periodically throughout the day. One of the 30-60 ticket winners wins season tickets. Both me and coworker Chris have registered. He came in this morning and said to listen at 10:45 for the name. I listened – and they called out his name! Hopefully he will take me.
FUN FACT: my blog posts about UGA receive more than ten times the visits of my posts about Georgia Tech.
Coworker Rodney was eating at a seafood place on Washington Road in Augusta this week and saw Dustin Johnson and wife Paulina Gretzky.
Is now the time for Christians to object to immoral behavior from their president? Why start now? Trump is not the first chief executive to make a practice of lying or engaging in other amorous activities. He’s not the first president who professes to be a Christian to lie and cheat. Who are we to judge?
Presidents should be held to a higher standard, I agree. But Christians can’t hold non-Christians to Christian standards (though God judges all men by the same standard). But why all of a sudden call out the new president – after living through eight years of deceit and outright lies? I still don’t know who all these evangelical Christians are that supposedly support Trump. The same people who keep bringing up these Christian Trump supporters also want to throw out discussion of the election, and how neither candidate was honest. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for all politicians to suddenly become honest. What’s next? Expecting car salesmen to be honest? Living in an increasingly fallen world is a fact of life. Pretty sure that’s Biblical as well.
On the subject of politics, have you seen the ultra-hokey Judson Hill ad? I pledge my support to the guy from East Cobb and what does he do? Who’s idea was that? If Hill loses, he only has himself to blame.  
I hate it when people interrupt speakers. They are in their own world and don’t realize that this is a speaking giving a speech, as opposed to a conversation between people. Interrupting is just plain rude and selfish. It’s the world we live in today. People are so self-centered they don’t even realize they’re doing it. I used to have a friend that every time I was in a big group and tell a joke, right after I told the punch line – but before everyone could laugh – would almost shout “Oh! I get it! That’s funny because…” and proceed to explain the joke. Jokes are a lot less funny once someone takes five minutes to detail why they’re funny.
Read an article about taking a hot shower 60-90 minutes before bed. Cooling off gets your brain and body ready for sleep. I also read another article about how taking a 30 second cold shower before bed helps you lose weight. Guess I need to try it.
When I was a kid I’d have come up to Lenox to see an allergist. That was back in the 60’s when there was a Colonial grocery store down at the far end.  Also saw an allergist in Macon. They’d do the back scratch tests. I was allergic to dogs, cats, chicken, and lots of other things. Not sure if they figured out then that I was allergic to fish.
That’s wild about Charles Q moving to Virginia. A gig he can keep until retirement, perhaps.
After the last major ice storm Governor Deal passed a law requiring citizens seeing a snowflake to report it on social media.

Q: Name the player…pro football hall of fame. College football hall of fame. NFL champion. National champion in college football. Two-time All-American. Batted .340 three straight years as a pro. Rushed for 344 yards against Vandy – on 12 carries – for Georgia Tech. Came to Tech after playing for Pop Warner at the Carlisle Indian Technical School in Minnesota. Played on GT’s 1917 national championship team. Coached by John Heisman and Pop Warner. Played with Jim Thorpe. Later a backfield coach at Tech, head football coach at Union College in Tennessee, head baseball coach  at Clemson, and managed minor league baseball teams in Anderson and Asheville.

A: Joe Guyon.

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